Thursday, 30 September 2010

With Every List A Bit Of Fluff Dies

So today I have been mostly making blast markers/craters.

Not very exciting, but I figured if I was going to be basing the Killa Kanz, I might as well make a session of it.

Oh and I ordered a Vindicator and Deff Dread - which basically gives me everything I want - except of course for my MEGANOBZ and maybe a battlewagon - to get playing again.

To that end I hopped over to the forum for the local games club to see who was playing what and at least mentally start the process of getting some games in.

Whilst there I happened to notice someone posing a question that got me thinking.

The details of the actual question are pretty much irrelevant, but what interested me was the way in which they were attempting to break the list - and quite possibly the rules - but using the figleaf of fluff to try and do so.

I mentioned the other day a discussion, that I listened to and enjoyed, on The Imperial Truth concerning fan made fluff. One of their points was that when attempting to create your own fluff you should make sure that you a) don't impinge on the main story of the 40k universe and b) you don't bend the core rules. There are caviats to attached to both of these points, but essentially it is sound advice.

And perhaps the reason fan made fluff has such a bad name - aside from the prevailing culture of 40k being essentially tournament play (balanced points, everything by the codex etc) - is that so many people ignore these two pieces of advice and create fan-fluff lists that essentially allow them to get around rules and army restrictions that they just don't like.

And worse, the rules and restrictions that they pick on are usually so trivial, and to an extent seen from the wrong end of the telescope, that you wonder quite why they have such a problem with them.

What made me particularly smile about the question was that clearly the person asking it knew they were in the wrong. As a general rule of rule-benders-bingo if you get the full house of RAW, FAQ, 'it doesn't say I can't', 'I'm doing it for fluff reasons' and 'is this cheese?', then you can be pretty sure you are dealing with 'that guy'.

Not that I am adverse to fan-made fluff. Indeed I can't help thinking that in some ways the hobby would be better. But it would also be better if the lists being created were being done so for a purpose other than winning - like.... oh I don't know - something crazy.... like fluff?


I have been working on some new fluff for my army.

My Orks have been hired as mercenaries on an IG planet - something to do with a virus - and therefore can have Chimeras and Valkeries for transport and because the planet is a manufactorium they get Medusas and Hydra flak cannons in squadrons at 100 points for a squadron of 3. Oh and shortly before the story starts a supply ship of power armour crashed on the planet, and when the Boyz went to inspect it they found all the armour was XXL. I have been wracking my brains about this - trying to be fair - but I think it is only fair that they get this for free, since it is scavenged: and I don't agree with the fluff in the codex for MEGANOBZ having to pay for their armour as I think this is an example of GW's hostility towards climate change and doesn't promote a good image of recycling. Though as a concession to my opponents I have decided to ignore the part of my fluff that states - in black and white - that all the weapons on the planet are mastercrafted and twin linked - I'm not sure what these rules do, but I think that it fits the fluff that I am allowed to carry on rolling as many dice as I need to until I win.


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  1. Yep. The main issue IMO is the mentality that fluff bits have to be represented by rules in the game.

    Would there really be any major impact in game terms? Can't you just say they have three eyes without trying to get BS5 and Acute Senses out of it?

    Is there something already available that would be close enough? Can't your advanced power armor be represented by using Terminator or LotD rules?

    Is there another codex that would work? Does your Imperial Fist Assault Company really need Lysander AND extra special rules, or could you just use Codex: BA and call it a day?