Wednesday, 15 September 2010

On The Fly

Like gamers every where I have ignored the Big Mek and two burnas that still await painting/assembling and gone and bought some more stuff.

In this case Killa Cans.

I really like the kits, except - and I guess you know what is coming - for the weapons choices.

Now I'd rather not get into a moan about this issue. And I do have magnets etc.

My plan at present is to have a Deff Dread with duel flamers, with the intention of this running forward and smacking stuff, along with the Boyz. Which place the Kanz in a supporting/tank killing role - which given the WS2 BS3 is hardly rocket science. Which effectively makes the the choice Grotzooka or rockets. Or I suppose Kustom Mega Blasta.

Which is an idea - where's my bitzbox - I'm sure I have got some KMB's knocking about from the Mek's in the Burnas.

I feel a conversion coming on:)


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