Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Couple of Things

Looking through the current White Dwarf, and knowing that GW are using Computer Aided Design.

I couldn't help wondering if there is a bit of cut and paste going on.

There's just something about the pose that reminds me of beastmen.

No doubt it will be the 'Eavy Metal painters to blame, much as in the case of the Minotaurs. And no doubt the figures look great in the flesh..... buuuuuut.....


For those interested in such things, here is a link to the secret - *shush* - Skaven episode on Podhammer.

It's an interesting listen.

I'm still wondering why it was not broadcast as a regular show.

Of course Jeff, being a GW fanboy, likes to put a positive face towards the hobby, and seeing as everyone on the show was having a bit downer on 8th, and it seems certain regulars of the Aussie tournament scene are turning their back on the game, it wasn't the happy clappy show that Jeff wanted..... buuuuut....


ps - pictures courtesy of the GW website.

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