Saturday, 25 September 2010

Everybody Is Wrong But You

The Killa Kanz turned up today.

I confused the boy by singing Wait a Minute Mr Postman, which he didn't know, and then resigned myself to having to wait until Monday when the postie went past the house and went shopping. However the postie has a very bizarre route that takes him all around the houses to get to us. So the parcel was waiting for me when I got home.

I would like to tell you that I have everything prepped and basecoated, but instead I spent the day playing Jungle Snap. Which was fun, even if the boy did say 'deal' instead of 'snap' - bless him he is only two.

I did manage to find five minutes to clip everything off the sprue, and will start gluing when I have typed this up.


Regular readers will know that I have foresworn forums - or to be more precise I have foresworn forums frequented by jerks that like to have pointless arguements - since I occasionally still post stuff to Steve Dean's excellent site - and I was interested to see that the chaps on Life After The Cover Save have discussed the subject a couple of times.

Now rather than go over the issue of how forums are detrimental to the hobby - imo - I wanted to mention something that is connected.

I noticed it especially the other day when I left a comment on the Gamer's Lounge site. Someone came along after that and started their comment with 'not wanting to agree with....' and then agreed with me. And since then I have noticed this more and more.

Are gamers really so argumentative that they can't agree with people they agree with?

Which got me thinking about most of the games disputes I have had over the years when I have got engaged in a bit of friendly - or not so friendly - rules lawyering debates. Half the time the discussion was not about the particular rule, but whether or not you get the last word. Of course this might be something to do with most gamers have exterior gonads and that this obsession with verbal territory is a mainstay of male conversation: I don't know, but it is odd.

And even stranger is that one of the few times that you do see people agreeing is on such uncontentious propositions as 'GW sucks!' or 'necrons are worthless' or 'I hate everything about this hobby.' - basically negative emotions akin to a teenager shouting at their parents that 'they wished they had never been born' and 'no one understands me'.

I just find it odd.

As I say it might a competative thing. After all winning is everything to some people - hence the vernacular of 'beer and pretzel games' - as if somehow having fun and connecting with people in a pleasurable and relaxed social setting is something less than the solitary pleasure of being a winner.

But then maybe it is - I don't know.

Something equally strange - while I think about it - and again this related - are the berks who pop up on websites day after day for little more than the opportunity to inform the world in general that they hate the website and that everything on that website is stoopid.

I'm not saying they should agree, or shut up - but honestly if you find yourself ranting in the comments section more than three or four times about how you hate the website, then surely it is better to simply update your bookmarks and not return there?


I've got some Killa Kanz to assemble, and I have located the missing Podhammer episode so you have a nice evening:)


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