Monday, 4 January 2010


It's been a few months since I updated here.

I haven't had a game since then, I'd like to say that there is a some big reason for this but in truth I have been doing other things.

I will admit there are a few 'the face' reasons why I haven't had a game - namely the wood elves lack of magic power and that I haven't had fun in my last few games but hey! matbe things will change in the new year.

Oh and shock horror! I have been lured over to the dark side.

Yes it's the warboss and his nobs form the black reach box.

I guess this makes me a typical wargamer. I still have five or six models to finish for the wood elves but for some reason I just can't get around to doing it - and instead I have embarked on a whole new project.

I have decided to theme it as a Blood Axe force - hence the camo trousers. I'm not sure exactly how the army will develop - my first thoguth was some kind of mech list, but I figure it's probably best to slog my way through the Boyz and then see what I fancy painting after that.

I suppose I should get my figure out and get in some games because there will be precious few when the baby arrives.