Thursday, 30 September 2010

With Every List A Bit Of Fluff Dies

So today I have been mostly making blast markers/craters.

Not very exciting, but I figured if I was going to be basing the Killa Kanz, I might as well make a session of it.

Oh and I ordered a Vindicator and Deff Dread - which basically gives me everything I want - except of course for my MEGANOBZ and maybe a battlewagon - to get playing again.

To that end I hopped over to the forum for the local games club to see who was playing what and at least mentally start the process of getting some games in.

Whilst there I happened to notice someone posing a question that got me thinking.

The details of the actual question are pretty much irrelevant, but what interested me was the way in which they were attempting to break the list - and quite possibly the rules - but using the figleaf of fluff to try and do so.

I mentioned the other day a discussion, that I listened to and enjoyed, on The Imperial Truth concerning fan made fluff. One of their points was that when attempting to create your own fluff you should make sure that you a) don't impinge on the main story of the 40k universe and b) you don't bend the core rules. There are caviats to attached to both of these points, but essentially it is sound advice.

And perhaps the reason fan made fluff has such a bad name - aside from the prevailing culture of 40k being essentially tournament play (balanced points, everything by the codex etc) - is that so many people ignore these two pieces of advice and create fan-fluff lists that essentially allow them to get around rules and army restrictions that they just don't like.

And worse, the rules and restrictions that they pick on are usually so trivial, and to an extent seen from the wrong end of the telescope, that you wonder quite why they have such a problem with them.

What made me particularly smile about the question was that clearly the person asking it knew they were in the wrong. As a general rule of rule-benders-bingo if you get the full house of RAW, FAQ, 'it doesn't say I can't', 'I'm doing it for fluff reasons' and 'is this cheese?', then you can be pretty sure you are dealing with 'that guy'.

Not that I am adverse to fan-made fluff. Indeed I can't help thinking that in some ways the hobby would be better. But it would also be better if the lists being created were being done so for a purpose other than winning - like.... oh I don't know - something crazy.... like fluff?


I have been working on some new fluff for my army.

My Orks have been hired as mercenaries on an IG planet - something to do with a virus - and therefore can have Chimeras and Valkeries for transport and because the planet is a manufactorium they get Medusas and Hydra flak cannons in squadrons at 100 points for a squadron of 3. Oh and shortly before the story starts a supply ship of power armour crashed on the planet, and when the Boyz went to inspect it they found all the armour was XXL. I have been wracking my brains about this - trying to be fair - but I think it is only fair that they get this for free, since it is scavenged: and I don't agree with the fluff in the codex for MEGANOBZ having to pay for their armour as I think this is an example of GW's hostility towards climate change and doesn't promote a good image of recycling. Though as a concession to my opponents I have decided to ignore the part of my fluff that states - in black and white - that all the weapons on the planet are mastercrafted and twin linked - I'm not sure what these rules do, but I think that it fits the fluff that I am allowed to carry on rolling as many dice as I need to until I win.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Klunk, Klunk, Boooooom!!!

The Killa Kanz are done - bar a bit of touching up.

First the tank hunter squadron....

And then the anti-infantry squadron....

Now it's a case of doing the bases.

Who knows I might even have a game soon....


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Magnet Madness

Like, almost, everyone else I am rather pleased with and excited by the new Dark Elf models.

What I am particularly pleased with is that the females actually look like females.

It amuses me that 'in the real world' women spent so much money on such products as the Wonderbra, and yet all they need do is to pay someone to sculpt them for a gaming figure and suddenly they go from an A cup to a triple K.

Though I am guessing that were a woman to pay for such a service it is not their boobs that they would want changed but their figure/weight. I cite as evidence the woman in the Robbie Cooper Alter Ego exhibition.

It will be interesting to see what the codex does to the Dark Elves. And whether it plays into the hands of the conspiracy theorists - which it will do whatever is in it I guess - who point to the Imperial codex creep and compare it to the less than uber Tyranid book, and make claims about Xenos not getting the love.

I suspect that as it is written by Phil Kelly it will be a balanced Codex that at the same time offers great potential and then shoots itself in the foot with pointless limitations. I cite as evidence the Ogre Kingdoms book and elements of the Ork codex - the transport limitations for the HQ's and some of the elites specifically.

I further suspect that when the hating subsides, and the codex has been 'officially' ranked/tiered and dismissed, what those people who invest in these good looking models will be left with is an army that is fun to play, that they like very much - perhaps even love.

Speaking of good looking models - I have been getting on with the Killa Kanz.

The progress has been slightly hampered by having two children with a cold, and discovering that I have run out of ink.


Here is a pic of the base coated models.

At which point I have to confess that the Mek in me has made a bit of a cock up.

I decided to magnetize the arms, but forgot to check the poles of the magnets before I stuck them to the arm. Which means that they are attached at odd and precarious angles (once you have managed to float past the repellant magnetic field), and liable to fall off at the inopportune moments. I am loath to change them, and I am sure that it will out in the end - even if I am considering contacting a lawyer because the magnets didn't have a disclaimer warning idiots to remember 1st year physics when attaching magnets to models.

Having said that in my defence I was pleased to have them attached at all. Since they are not like the horseshoe magnets I used to win on the catch-a-duck, these definitely have a life of their own. And, a liable across the room if you happen to use a metal teaspoon to stir your tea.

The good news is that I got the ink I need and can crack on.

Oh and I bought the boy a pair of winter shoes - meaning that I can spend more on plastic crack with slightly less guilt.... in my day you had to put extra cardboard in your wellies when winter came.... no wait that was my dad.... in my day Doc Martins were £8 a pair and they saw you through sunshine and rain.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Dan Abnett Interview

There is a real treat for Dan Abnett fans over on the Overlords podcast.

The interview is wide ranging and very interesting.

Of particular interest - to me at least - was when he talked about the interface between Black Library, the core rules, 'Canon fluff' and all the over various 40k related literature/games/video games.

This was something that was discussed on The Imperial Truth. However the discussion on that podcast - which it has to be said they were approaching from the slightly different angle of fan-made fluff and codexs - was kind-of wishing that GW would get it's act together and pull the fluff into a solid framework.

But as Mr Abnett pointed out the decision was made in the 1990's - when Black Library was developing - that the various arms of the universe should be considered as seperate and autonomous entities. Indeed there is a joke within the company that there is a Daniverse in 40k - a place in which the contradictions in Mr Abnett's novel exist outside the main fluff of the universe.

Of course such a decision might be seen as heresy to the witch-hunters of the forumhammer world. But to the rest of us it is something for which we should be eternally grateful. After all without this discontinuity we would not have Gaunt's Ghosts, the Horus Heresy etc, because the writers would long ago have given up the commisions as a bad job, due to their work being endlessly resubmitted because minor details do not fit the gameplay of the current rules, or the latest upgrade of an army book, or contradict something that was written long ago in White Dwarf etc.

Which in turn makes me wonder why the contributers on The Imperial Truth feel themselves so inhibited with regard to the 'Canon Fluff' when making their homebrew codexs.

Perhaps the answer is the baneful influence of the witchhunters of the forumhammer world - for whom conformity and suppression of creativity appear to be the prime reason for their existence. But given that GW endlessly says that hobbyists should take the world and make it their own, perhaps they should simply take a leaf out of Mr Abnett's and Black Library's book and not worry what was in issue 173 of White Dwarf and just go and make their own fluff.

No doubt it will provoke the fury of the forumhammerers, and may even lead to charges of crimes against WYSIWYG but equally as one of the contributors to the Imperial Truth discussion was Big Jim and his Combat Patrol rules are going to be played at Adepticon, perhaps there is hope.

Always assuming that the IP stick doesn't beat them down.

Still the interview with Mr Abnett is a real pleasure, and more power to the Overlord guys for getting it together.


Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Couple of Things

Looking through the current White Dwarf, and knowing that GW are using Computer Aided Design.

I couldn't help wondering if there is a bit of cut and paste going on.

There's just something about the pose that reminds me of beastmen.

No doubt it will be the 'Eavy Metal painters to blame, much as in the case of the Minotaurs. And no doubt the figures look great in the flesh..... buuuuuut.....


For those interested in such things, here is a link to the secret - *shush* - Skaven episode on Podhammer.

It's an interesting listen.

I'm still wondering why it was not broadcast as a regular show.

Of course Jeff, being a GW fanboy, likes to put a positive face towards the hobby, and seeing as everyone on the show was having a bit downer on 8th, and it seems certain regulars of the Aussie tournament scene are turning their back on the game, it wasn't the happy clappy show that Jeff wanted..... buuuuut....


ps - pictures courtesy of the GW website.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Everybody Is Wrong But You

The Killa Kanz turned up today.

I confused the boy by singing Wait a Minute Mr Postman, which he didn't know, and then resigned myself to having to wait until Monday when the postie went past the house and went shopping. However the postie has a very bizarre route that takes him all around the houses to get to us. So the parcel was waiting for me when I got home.

I would like to tell you that I have everything prepped and basecoated, but instead I spent the day playing Jungle Snap. Which was fun, even if the boy did say 'deal' instead of 'snap' - bless him he is only two.

I did manage to find five minutes to clip everything off the sprue, and will start gluing when I have typed this up.


Regular readers will know that I have foresworn forums - or to be more precise I have foresworn forums frequented by jerks that like to have pointless arguements - since I occasionally still post stuff to Steve Dean's excellent site - and I was interested to see that the chaps on Life After The Cover Save have discussed the subject a couple of times.

Now rather than go over the issue of how forums are detrimental to the hobby - imo - I wanted to mention something that is connected.

I noticed it especially the other day when I left a comment on the Gamer's Lounge site. Someone came along after that and started their comment with 'not wanting to agree with....' and then agreed with me. And since then I have noticed this more and more.

Are gamers really so argumentative that they can't agree with people they agree with?

Which got me thinking about most of the games disputes I have had over the years when I have got engaged in a bit of friendly - or not so friendly - rules lawyering debates. Half the time the discussion was not about the particular rule, but whether or not you get the last word. Of course this might be something to do with most gamers have exterior gonads and that this obsession with verbal territory is a mainstay of male conversation: I don't know, but it is odd.

And even stranger is that one of the few times that you do see people agreeing is on such uncontentious propositions as 'GW sucks!' or 'necrons are worthless' or 'I hate everything about this hobby.' - basically negative emotions akin to a teenager shouting at their parents that 'they wished they had never been born' and 'no one understands me'.

I just find it odd.

As I say it might a competative thing. After all winning is everything to some people - hence the vernacular of 'beer and pretzel games' - as if somehow having fun and connecting with people in a pleasurable and relaxed social setting is something less than the solitary pleasure of being a winner.

But then maybe it is - I don't know.

Something equally strange - while I think about it - and again this related - are the berks who pop up on websites day after day for little more than the opportunity to inform the world in general that they hate the website and that everything on that website is stoopid.

I'm not saying they should agree, or shut up - but honestly if you find yourself ranting in the comments section more than three or four times about how you hate the website, then surely it is better to simply update your bookmarks and not return there?


I've got some Killa Kanz to assemble, and I have located the missing Podhammer episode so you have a nice evening:)


Friday, 24 September 2010

Under Starter's Orders

Excuse the bigger picture today - it's not because I love my Trukk bestest - it's more that I have finally managed to take a picture that is vaguely in focus.

So I went shopping for modelling stuff today and now have a whole bunch of stuff that I have to put together. Plus I am assured that my Killa Kanz have been dispatched and should be here tomorrow. So I now have 6 Kanz to paint. And a hankering to get a Vindicator for the looted wagon and a Deff Dred to essentially finish the army.

As I started the Orks last Christmas, and I am guessing that I will have 1750 - well nearer 2000 - points fully painted and ready to play by Christmas it seems to be about right for a project.

I've been wargaming long enough to know that projects are never as quick an easy as you think when you start them. Though these days I am more realistic, and don't tend to find myself being diverted into other periods and end up with a whole heap of unpainted metal - this used to happen all the time when I played 15mm historicals - that just demotivates me from the main army - as far as the Orks go, I have only taken two detours, an Empire army of Warlord ECW figs, that got as far as painting the infantry, and a half painted Ogre army.

But back to the terrain.

Since getting myself into a lather about making terrain, I have found myself looking at the world in a different way. I find myself looking at industrial equipment and wondering how I could make it out of cotton reels and matchboxes. And as a subsiduary, I have been going thorough the rubbish bin - since I spent rather more money today than I would have wished and I am sure I can make stuff myself from now on.

For instance I bought a packet of sausage rolls today for the monster hunting trip with my boy, and when we had eaten them I noticed that the bottom of the plastic tray would make excellent anti-slip metal flooring - it is now in my terrain bitz box.

For those insterested my latest idea is to cut up some dead computer circuit board and make an Ork computer. I really like the idea of a huge circuit board, with bundles of wire hanging off it, and a tiny monitor. In fact I think this is the building that I will start on at some point over the weekend - assuming that I get a chance and parenting - or painting Killa Kanz - doesn't get in the way.

Oh and I have discovered Life After The Cover Save and am pleased to say that at last there is a podcast that makes me laugh. I say at last, because since the demise of the original 40K radio, I can't recall the last time a gaming podcast made me laugh.

I have to confess that I did try and listen to the show a few weeks ago, and got as far as the disclaimer and gave up with a roll of my eyes, thinking 'oh great another bunch of foul mouthed yanks'. But I am so glad I went back and had another listen.

Cracking stuff.


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Terrain and Reality

I can't remember where I saw or heard it, but I recently came across a discussion about the reality of 40k.

Obviously in one sense this is a pointless discussion, as 40k happens in the future and who would believe the present twnty years ago.

But what amazed me was the relative ignorance of the people arguing about military matters in the real world.

The basic point of contention was that 40k was unreal because in 'real' modern combat, troops do not get into hand to hand combat. Which immediately made me wonder why those equiping troops around the world give them a bayonet. And then I began to wonder why the participants in the Falklands and Faluja, and countless conflicts around the world, have been lying to us. And then I wondered why I was surprised that someone on the internet would expound their ignorance at such length and with such intensity.

I have much the same reaction when I hear people complaining that Imperial Guard lasguns are useless, and that Guard units just throw dice at stuff in the hope of hitting it. Since I was under the impression that volume of fire over quailty of fire was the basis of standard modern infantry tactics, and has been for the best part of 60 years. And explains why the cutting belts, in the timber merchants my mother used to work at, broke at least twice a day due to bullets and schrapnel in the timber they imported from Poland.


Tomorrow, myself and the boy are going monster hunting - well he's two, and that's what I told him - whereas I am going to get supplies for the terrain project that I have got suddenly very excited about.

I have moved away from the idea of a spaceport, and towards the idea of a Big Mek's workshop - obviously one in the forward trench area of the front - due to my building an assualt recon force - along the lines of the Soviet forces in the Kursk salient (regular readers will know what I am talking about).

I have also managed to potentially get hold a supply of plastic floor tiles, which is excellent news, as they make great basing materials and also are great for buildings. It remains to be seen if they work out cheaper than plasticard, because I have arranged with a local carpet fitter to get the split packs and off-cuts from a job they are doing next week.

So now I need to get so polystyrene ceiling tiles and so foam core, and I will have pretty much everything I need to get started - once I have been on my shopping trip tomorrow that is.

As for what I am going to build, I am not entirely sure at the moment. I know for sure that the main model will be a blasted workshop, but other than that I am not entirely decided. I like the idea of a minefield, some storage tanks, probably some kind of command post, as well as some trenches, and bunkers.


ps, I am loving the barbed wire from Secret Weapons Miniatures - if only I had more money:(

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

8th Ed Rotten?

What is going on with 8th edition?

I ask this because Jeff at Podhammer has pulled an episode about Skaven, and made it Inner circle only, because according to his Facebook....

"Trent and I were abit down on 8th ed and generally lacking energy for the whole thing. And I dont think its an episode that I want new listeners to hear as the first episode they listen to."

What on earth can this mean? What could they have said?

After all this is a podcast that jokes about making the two backed beast in Jeff's one eyed ex-wife's head. Surely a bit of moaning about 8th ed can't have been a less acceptable face of the show for the new listener?

As a side note I after listening to the Gamers Lounge the other day I had a game of spin the bottle with my old service revolver and a packet of valium. Luckily the pills won out. Bill and Jay were discussing the subject of their falling out of love with 40K.

I guess perhaps the problem both shows have is that they have set themselves up as one thing and perhaps have become a little trapped. After all Jeff recently mentioned that he had played FoW, and Bill and Jay are certainly into Malifaux - which makes me wonder why they don't just do shows about what they like. Ok, I understand that they will attract criticism from anal types complaining that it says on the tin (podcast alley, i-tunes or whatever) that the show is about 40K or WFB, but can anyone who currently listens, honestly say they would stop listening if Jeff started whittering on about his early war French? Or Bill and Jay made it a podcast about Malifaux predominantly?


Back to the topic of 8th.

I happened to pop onto the forum for the local gaming group, to see if there is anything going on in the hope that it would encourage me to get off my backside and get down there and happened to notice that one of the gamers there was selling his stuff. He is someone who plays just about every fantasy and Sci-Fi game going. So I figured I'd have a look to see if there was any Fire Storm Armada or BFG stuff going.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was selling his entire WFB collection?

And not just the figures, but the army books and the rules. Clearly he is someone that has just had enough.

We are talking here about someone who until a few months ago went to WFB tournaments practically every weekend and ran WFB events at Gamesday.

Ok this is not a huge sample on which to draw conclusions, and this being the internut the reaction of many will be 'can I have your stuff?', but I do find myself wondering how many other people are feeling the same about 8th ed?

I know I have lost all enthusiasm for the game. I haven't looked at my Ogres for a month or so, and I have no plans at all to start painting them again, let alone play with them (which is gauranteed to make tomorrows post all about how I started painting my Ogres again). I can't say there is any one thing that has provoked this reaction in me - and it should be remembered that I practically orgasmed when I got the new rules - rather it is just a general feeling of 'meh!' whenever I think of the game.

Perhaps things will pick up in November when Dark Eldar are released and GW move away from flogging the dead horse that is Blood Island, or perhaps not. After all the broken magic system will still be there, as will the meta game of cheating that WFB encourages, as will the unbalanced army books, as will the general feeling of negativity that surrounds the game at the moment.

I guess we will have to wait and see.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Relative Hobbying

One of the common complaints about Warhammer/40k is that it is expensive.

And in truth it is not cheap.

But having spent the past couple of days surfing the net in search of various bits and bobs to make terrain with - oil drums etc - I have reached the conclusion that actually far from GW ripping people off, they are actually selling reasonably priced models.

For instance the new Battlewagon is £37.50 RRP which no doubt sends the internet warriors nuts. But it isn't the price of the kit I resent so much, more the price of the Deff Rolla, which you can only get from GW direct and costs £8. My first thought was to build my own, but then I had the bright idea of buying a kit of a Sherman Crab, sticking the flail on the front of the Battlewagon, and using the rest of the kit for terrain and conversions.

Well that was the idea until I went in search of a kit.

Have you seen the price of Tamiya models lately?!?

And they don't actually make the relevant model. But I found a link for a conversion kit for the flail. It was fifty some odd quid. Yes that's right FIFTY QUID!!!! Just for the flail.

'Nuts to that' I thought, or words to that effect, I'll make one out of sprue, nick the engine out of one of my kids Dinky cars, stick that on the side and dangle some chain off of a bit of dowling.

And the same goes for model railway stuff I have been looking at.

If you think GW building are expensive, try looking at the price of O guage railway kits. They are in general at least 25% more for buildings and in some cases we are talking over £100 for something like a station. Even the bits and pieces like drums are on the pricey side.

However having picked my jaw off the floor this research has given me a number of good ideas. For instance I noticed wheely bins and dumpsters, which would be perfect for a space port.

I have to admit that I haven't actually started making any of the terrain as yet. I need to get a few bvits and pieces first, like floor tiles and some foam. And I want to get some textured plasticard too.

One thing that I was sad to see is that Airfix have not re-released their ruined house model in 1/32nd scale - or indeed the excellent Bamboo house they made way back when.

Still it has kind of put the cost of a Warhammer/40k army into perspective. Ok it is relative, since with a model railway you don't really need so much stuff, and perhaps that explains the extra pricing, but I have to admit that I was rather surprised to find that GW was cheaper across both military models and railway accessories.


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bunkers to Space Ports

For those of you worriying about the missus's's's's's' head, don't worry she is fine.

Indeed she is well enough that we all went on a family trip to Magna in Sheffield.

For those that don't know this is a 'science' museum that has been set up in an old steel works. I'll admit that I was less than impressed by the 'science', but the setting has left me rather filled with ideas for scenary. Indeed the crumbling industrial heritage of Sheffield has given my ideas - as have the modern prefabricated industrial buildings.

Added to which I also found on the roadside a number of rather useful items, such as a 5 inch rusty bolt and a steel gasket.

I was also inspired when passing a container freight depot. I mean it can't be that difficult to make a container from corrigated plasticard; stack a couple on top of each other you have a great piece of LoS blocking terrain.

Indeed my flights of fantasy got so inspired that I started trying to figure out how I could make a steel works. Which let's face it would make an awesome board for 40K or Necromunda - or even modern skirmish games. It's not until you see the size of melting pots that you really appreciate the scale of the place.

I guess I should start small with the container and a few bunkers - but part of me is longing to get some mdf and 6 inch foam to start cutting down to the smelting floor - and some more styrene girders to get cracking on the building.


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Curse That Orky Goodness

I was musing on the military maxim that a plan rarely stands up to first contact with the enemy.

The reason being that having come up with a list the other day - and one that is both easily painted and not excessive on my pocket - I decided to go back and listen to the 11th Company two part review of the Orks Codex.

It hasn't caused me to change my list drastically, but I do find myself budgetting to get some Meganobz - at which point I feel a joke brewing about asking a lady if size matters with regard to Nobz but Americans might read this and so it is best not to even mention it.

But as 11th company point out, if you give a Nob a Power Klaw that is 45 points, and to get Feel No Pain requires having a Nob costing 50 points in the squad, cyborg bodies and heavy armour add yet more to the cost and to be honest I am less than impressed with my Nobz in the couple of battles they have had so far. Yet for 40 points you can have a Meganob with a Power Klaw and a 2+ save.

I guess it's six of one and calling the kettle black, but the more I think about it the more I find myself thinking "I WANT MEGANOBZ".... in a kind of Little Princess manner.

But leaving my avarice aside there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of sense in the way the points are assigned in the codex. Because if you look at the Nob upgrade in the Boyz mob, that comes in at 41 points for a Nob with a Power Klaw. And given that the Nob in the mob effectively comes as fearless, and if in a full sized mob has 60 wounds - allowing for the vagueries of wound allocation - it does seem odd that it is cheaper than the standard Nob.

The other thing I really like are buggies. But I guess I will hold off on that one until they get remodelled and come in a squadron box like the Kanz.

In other news, I took No 1 son to a model railway show today and after cooing at the trains and trying my best to impress him by picking out the Atlantic Class from the shunters, I bought up so plastacard and some girders and thought I'd have a go at making some Orky scenery. I'm not sure what I will make as yet, maybe some bunkers or ruined buildings. I rather like the idea of having some themed terrain - remember I am going for the Soviet Kursk themed army.

I did think about making a tower for my Ogres, but in truth the excitement of 8th edition has largely worn off and despite not playing a game I am rather down on the whole thing.

Speaking of which, I have already mentioned that I High Elves and Skaven are my least favourite WFB armies, and therefore I am underwhelmed by the Island of Blood, but I happened to be in a GW shop the other day whilst I was buying my Kanz, and noticed they had a painted set ready for a demo. You don't get very much do you? I looked at the figures and couldn't help thinking that it was a bit of a gip. Yeah they might be nice and that... but... well just that really, you don't get much bang for your buck. And certainly in the case of the Skaven it doesn't really give much sense of what the army is about.


Enough moaning. Time to do a google search to sell a kidney to get all the Orky goodness I crave.


Friday, 17 September 2010

Bang On The Head - No Harm Done

I thought I should give a plug to KR Multicase.

We're a bit pushed for space, so I keep my minis in a KR aluminium case on top of the cupboard in the kitchen.

The other day the missus was getting something out the cupboard and the the strap of the case got caught, resulting in the case falling on her and then onto the floor - a drop of some seven feet or so. She then took out the frustrations of breast feeding and looking after a toddler with only subsiduary help from me and started kicking the case around the kitchen.

I pointed out that my Orks were in there, to which she replied that she was sorry, she thought it was empty - oh and shouldn't I be a bit more sympathetic that the case had fallen on her head.

As to damage - I am pleased to report that as far as I can see no Orks were damaged in the incident.

All I can say is top product.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Food For The Pie Plate

Yesterday's post was rather an epiphany.

Regular readers will know that I have been struggling with my list for the Orks. My struggle has been partly fluff, and partly because I am looking for an army that feels like an Ork army to me. Oh and one that I want to play and is not going to cost me a lot of money.

Now I realise that yesterday's post might have seemed like nonsense to many readers but it was odd how the combination of deperately trying not to moan about the weapons choices for the Kanz and the realisation that I had the bits to glue a Kustom Mega Blaster to one of the arms, suddenly allowed all the elements that I have been struggling with in my mind to fall into place.

To recap what these are.

Should I have one HQ or two?
How many looted wagons with boom guns should I have?
What would an Ork recon force look like?
How can I pack the most stuff/figures in for the points?

It was the heavy section that was causing me the problem.

I like the Kanz - and I like them more that I have the models - but to max out the squadrons with the same weapon would mean getting three boxes - or going to a bitz supplier - and if I did that, then it would mean that I couldn't fit in a looted wagon.

I wanted Looted Wagons for the fluff - my Orks think they are Imperial Guard - but also in a force of low BS, I wanted a few pie plates to through around. In addition I have been thinking in terms of the static battalions formed by the Soviets at Kursk as a basis for the army - and therefore I needed I needed to have a few big guns. These anti tank battalions seemed an ideal starting point when thinking about the Orks, especially given the large infantry elements. Tactically the principle is the same - life is cheap, and waves soften the impact of any tanks - with the kanz acting as mobile bunkers.

Originally the plan was for 2 Looted wagons, and one unit of Killa Kanz. But yesterday's revelation was that if I had 1 Wagon and then built 2 units of Kanz and kitted them out as an anti tank squadron - rockets and Mega Blaster - and an anti infantry squadron - Grotzookas and Big Shoota - then tactically, and in terms of flexibility, I would have a more rounded force. It strikes me that doing it this way I have the firepower to blow up transports and the killing power to deal with the occupants.

So here's the list as it stands now - and which has been forwarded to the planning department (my wallet).

Big Mek - Kustom force field, Heavy Armour, Cyborg Body
Body Guard - 5 Nobz with Heavy Armour Cyborg Body, in a Trukk with ram - 3 Power Klawz, Pain Boy, Waargh Banner and Boss Pole (arranged for wound allocation)

2*30 Boyz, Nob with Power Klaw - all choppas
1*20 Boyz, Nob with Power Klaw, 2 Big Shootas, - shootas (for objective holding)
Deff Dread, 2 Skorchas, grot.

7 Burna Boyz - 2 changed to Meks Kustom Mega Blaster

Fast Attack
3 Deff Kopters with rokkits

Heavy Support
3 Killa Kanz - 2 Rokkit 1 Kustom Mega Blaster
3 Killa Kanz - 2 Grotzooka 1 Big Shoota
1 Looted Wagon - boom gun, hard case, ram

Which comes in at 1750 on the nose.

It doesn't take a genius to work out the basic plan - hence the title of this post - but win or lose I will be able to rub my beard and mutter about synergy.

At one point a unit of Tank Bustas found their way into the list, and also 3 Half Trakks, and also some Grots, but for reasons of cost they have been moved to the back burner in favour of the uits that I want as the core of my collection. As have the Lootas, that I already have, which are just too expensive in points and can't hold an objective (oh and because some of them have a lovely sugar frosting thanks to GW purity seal, which means I don't love them as much as my shiny Boyz).

As have my Nob Bikerz *sniff*.... one day.... one day....


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

On The Fly

Like gamers every where I have ignored the Big Mek and two burnas that still await painting/assembling and gone and bought some more stuff.

In this case Killa Cans.

I really like the kits, except - and I guess you know what is coming - for the weapons choices.

Now I'd rather not get into a moan about this issue. And I do have magnets etc.

My plan at present is to have a Deff Dread with duel flamers, with the intention of this running forward and smacking stuff, along with the Boyz. Which place the Kanz in a supporting/tank killing role - which given the WS2 BS3 is hardly rocket science. Which effectively makes the the choice Grotzooka or rockets. Or I suppose Kustom Mega Blasta.

Which is an idea - where's my bitzbox - I'm sure I have got some KMB's knocking about from the Mek's in the Burnas.

I feel a conversion coming on:)


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More On Battlefoam's Harrassment Campaign

Digging around the net in search of information with regard to Romeo Filip's camapign of harrassment against Brain Wade, I found this rather interesting thread on Dakka Dakka.

Now those who have been following Mr Filip's campaign of harrassment - all funded by the extra that Battlefoam customers pay for the product - (nice to see Romeo giving back to the community) - will know that so far there has been an allegation of assault, for which Mr Wade sought a restraining order, and a court case that was thrown out due to Battlefoam fabricating evidence, it having no basis in law, and frankly was total nonsense.

But hey! Battlefoam have a patent pending, Romeo has a grudge, and they have a legal fund thanks to the excessive prices of their products - oh yes I forgot - the extra price is due to superior quality of their product - and if you believe that you are as green as you are cabbage looking.

Now when reading the linked thread on Dakka Dakka pay special attention to the Kinghammer contributer, as despite the veiled legalistic threads of the solicitors letter, the comments are rather reveiling as to what precisely Battlefoam's latest legal moves are all about. Namely, they appear to be simply a rehashing of the case that a judge has already ruled as spurious.

There is a repetition of claims of industrial espionage, the high minded claims about customers being confused, before moving onto personal insults and aggressive harrassment of Mr Wade (which let's face it is the real reason for all of this). Quite what Mr Wade's religion has to do with anything is not clear to me - but hey! if you are a berk, posting at your master's behest - Romeo having already made a berk of himself on a previous occasion on Dakka Dakka over this matter - then I guess anything goes.

It is also amusing to see the defence of Battlefoam by it's supporters.

My personal favourite was the speculation that Romeo didn't know anything about the latest letter.

As this letter appears to have been generated by the Warstore demonstrating - remember this word 'demonstrating' - Mr Wade explained on the Chance of Gaming podcast the Warstore were not selling his product at GenCon - that Outrider trays fit Sabol cases.

Which in the mind of the obsessive Romeo means that they have some kind of business relationship, which means that they are both in violation of his patent application - despite a judge having already ruled that Mr Wade is not - the point being unless we are expected to believe that Mr Filip's lawyers were at GenCon and happened to see this outrage - (though let's not forget that Battlefoam make much of their trays being compatible with Sabol and used this as a shoe in to the market) - then you have to be deluded if you believe that this latest round of harrassment was not instigated by Mr Filip.

All of which makes me wonder about the stitching on a Battlefoam bags. Because there must be something very wrong with them if they are so worried about Outrider hobbies and the threat they pose.

Oh and I also find myself laughing at the people who claim this is all about IP protection. Given that battlefoam has essentially grown it's business parasitically upon the backs of the IP of figure manufacturers - none of whom have been paid royalties as I understand it.

Still no doubt the hired mouthes of the various podcasts sponsored by Battlefoam will continue to bleat their viral marketing, and say absolutely nothing about this bullying - which again will comfort Battlefoam customers who can rest assured that the extra money they have shelled out was entirely due to the superior quality of the product - not.


Monday, 13 September 2010

Boycott Battlefoam

As I have been away I have missed the opportunity to mock those foolish enough to buy Battlefoam products.

Before Romeo got into his personal feud with Brian at Outrider Games, wqho had ever heard of the company?


At which point the numpties paying over the odds for Romeo's Kentucky Fried Chicken secret way of doing what countless other companies are doing - patent pending - will spin the company line about how he is only protecting his business and that numerous employees - and lawyers - are relying on him being "all for the community" (not to mention factory workers in China).

Well here's a thing.

As I understand it Battlefoam produces an official Flames of War bag, and Flames of War don't insist on using their figures in tournaments - so it seems a pretty perfect way of protesting their endorsement of sharp business practice, without people loosing the enjoyment of the hobby by not paying over the odds for Flames of War figures.

Oh and I did smile at the explanation given for the cease and dissist letters.

This is exactly the same tactic that was used in the previous spurious law suit, when it was claimed 'a customer' was confused between products. That this customer was later shown to be a factional person/strawman would be funny if it wasn't so detrimental to the hobby.

Now it seems the claim is that you can't put the tray of one manufacturer in the case of another without Battlefoam suing you.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Hiya, I'm back.

A mixture of a real world seaside break and me taking a hobby break means I haven't updated here. In case you are wondering the picture is not of the Med or Barbados, it's actually Sunny Hunny, taken from beside the donut stand.

My hobby break was due to my rediscovering Medieval Total War 2.

I wonder how many people like me would love GW to commit commercial suicide by getting into bed with Creative and producing a Warhammer version of the franchise?

Let's face it most computer games versions of GW products are pants. They either lack playability or are unplayable to begin with. Which leads me to get into bed with the GW conspiracy theorists by believing that GW deliberately licences substandard games (Warhammer Online anyone?) as an entry point into the hobby, in order not to detract from the core of their business: selling figures.

Ok maybe not all the games are sub-standard. Dawn of War is pretty good, and I rather liked the Curse of the Horned Rat - or whatever that game in the 90's was called - but they do seem to not noticed the issue of scalability - and that the end of a campaign is not automatically a chance ot fight the big Boss.

Which is pretty much why I like - nay love - Total War.

Ok I should clarify that a little, because Shogun Total War was crap. The mathematics behind the enemy seemed to share much in common with an old Spectrum game called Lords of Midnight (I think) which meant basically that unless you attacked the enemy each and every turn and everywhere - and won - that it became impossible to win the game because the enemy simply multiplied like Sauron's horde, in a way that bore no relation to the economics of the provinces.

Oh and Empire Total War is a bit silly, in that seemingly everytime you share a border with someone they will attack you.

But my point being - if I ever have a point - is that the reason I like Total War is that there is not fighting to defeat the Big Boss, that you are free to largely pursue the game you want in a non-linear fashion, and it just looks gorgeous on the screen.

But the main reason being that you get to fight small battles that in a miniature game simply would not get played.

Oh and on another topic I am underwhelmed by the release of Island of Blood.

I bought my copy of White Dwarf wanting to be impressed, wanting that somehow the figures for my two least favourite armies would spark a modicum of interest - please GW take my money.... please... please... please.... but...... no.

However I was rather impressed by the Standard Bearer column, and Jervis giving his thoughts about tournaments. Now you can say what you like about Jervis - and most people do - but I am rather pleased that he is getting his imput into the tournaments. I have heard people carping about the new format Grand Tournie but I have to say that Jervis does make far more sense that the people complaining about him and the state of the game in general.

I was particularly impressed with his idea that the winner of the tournament should be the player who performs the highest above the average for their army.