Friday, 24 September 2010

Under Starter's Orders

Excuse the bigger picture today - it's not because I love my Trukk bestest - it's more that I have finally managed to take a picture that is vaguely in focus.

So I went shopping for modelling stuff today and now have a whole bunch of stuff that I have to put together. Plus I am assured that my Killa Kanz have been dispatched and should be here tomorrow. So I now have 6 Kanz to paint. And a hankering to get a Vindicator for the looted wagon and a Deff Dred to essentially finish the army.

As I started the Orks last Christmas, and I am guessing that I will have 1750 - well nearer 2000 - points fully painted and ready to play by Christmas it seems to be about right for a project.

I've been wargaming long enough to know that projects are never as quick an easy as you think when you start them. Though these days I am more realistic, and don't tend to find myself being diverted into other periods and end up with a whole heap of unpainted metal - this used to happen all the time when I played 15mm historicals - that just demotivates me from the main army - as far as the Orks go, I have only taken two detours, an Empire army of Warlord ECW figs, that got as far as painting the infantry, and a half painted Ogre army.

But back to the terrain.

Since getting myself into a lather about making terrain, I have found myself looking at the world in a different way. I find myself looking at industrial equipment and wondering how I could make it out of cotton reels and matchboxes. And as a subsiduary, I have been going thorough the rubbish bin - since I spent rather more money today than I would have wished and I am sure I can make stuff myself from now on.

For instance I bought a packet of sausage rolls today for the monster hunting trip with my boy, and when we had eaten them I noticed that the bottom of the plastic tray would make excellent anti-slip metal flooring - it is now in my terrain bitz box.

For those insterested my latest idea is to cut up some dead computer circuit board and make an Ork computer. I really like the idea of a huge circuit board, with bundles of wire hanging off it, and a tiny monitor. In fact I think this is the building that I will start on at some point over the weekend - assuming that I get a chance and parenting - or painting Killa Kanz - doesn't get in the way.

Oh and I have discovered Life After The Cover Save and am pleased to say that at last there is a podcast that makes me laugh. I say at last, because since the demise of the original 40K radio, I can't recall the last time a gaming podcast made me laugh.

I have to confess that I did try and listen to the show a few weeks ago, and got as far as the disclaimer and gave up with a roll of my eyes, thinking 'oh great another bunch of foul mouthed yanks'. But I am so glad I went back and had another listen.

Cracking stuff.


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