Monday, 13 September 2010

Boycott Battlefoam

As I have been away I have missed the opportunity to mock those foolish enough to buy Battlefoam products.

Before Romeo got into his personal feud with Brian at Outrider Games, wqho had ever heard of the company?


At which point the numpties paying over the odds for Romeo's Kentucky Fried Chicken secret way of doing what countless other companies are doing - patent pending - will spin the company line about how he is only protecting his business and that numerous employees - and lawyers - are relying on him being "all for the community" (not to mention factory workers in China).

Well here's a thing.

As I understand it Battlefoam produces an official Flames of War bag, and Flames of War don't insist on using their figures in tournaments - so it seems a pretty perfect way of protesting their endorsement of sharp business practice, without people loosing the enjoyment of the hobby by not paying over the odds for Flames of War figures.

Oh and I did smile at the explanation given for the cease and dissist letters.

This is exactly the same tactic that was used in the previous spurious law suit, when it was claimed 'a customer' was confused between products. That this customer was later shown to be a factional person/strawman would be funny if it wasn't so detrimental to the hobby.

Now it seems the claim is that you can't put the tray of one manufacturer in the case of another without Battlefoam suing you.


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