Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shotgun Stilton

The local club, Leeds Nightowls - see the ad at the bottom of the page - is organising a WFB tournament that is happening on 1th of July.

So I thought I'd give it a go and thus last night I downloaded the free version of Army Builder - I am currently sans Excel - and threw a list together. The list is as follows...

Slaughtermaster - lvl 4, dispel scroll, Shrieking Blade, Ruby Ring - 345
Bruiser - BSB, Crown of Command - 165
10 Ironguts - full command, banner of discipline- 518
4 Mournfangs - Ironfist, heavy armour, standard bearer, muso, flaming banner - 310
4 Mournfangs - Ironfist, heavy armour, standard bearer, muso - 300

1999 points

Yeah I know, it's the netlist (apart from the tricksy terror causing bunker), it's beardy (but then so am I), and it isn't really my sort of army, but whatever.

In many ways it shows the limitations of the Ogre book - the characters are expensive, the troops are expensive, and so you are pretty much forced to go for the Irongut bunker. And as soon as you have built the bunker you have to protect it from artillery, and if you have one Ironblaster, you might as well have two... the same goes for the Mournfangs and by the time you have done all that then you are pretty much left with scrabbling around for magic items or padding the list out with dogs.

The original list had Gorgers and few other things in it like a Giant, but hey! it's a tourney,

I thought I'd take it up the club tomorrow and see if I can get a game to try it out - seeing as I haven't played in ages.

In other news I have bought a Chimera for the Imperial Guard.

But of more importance I was fiddling around with the spare arms from the set Cadians to see if I could make a shotgun. I cut the gun back to the stock and glued a couple of bits of steel rod to the top, The effect is rather good.


Friday, 29 June 2012

Is Not A Happy One... In The Grimdark

I've finished the first squad.

I'm rather pleased with them.

btw the bit of Miliput on the Sergeants base will eventually be a Coke can... just waiting for the Milliput to dry.


Thursday, 28 June 2012

If You Want To Know The Time....

The first squad of the Imperial Guard is half done.

I thought I might sign up for the tale of 6 gamers on Deepstrike Radio as the challenge is about the level that I am looking to grow the army. That is assuming that I don't push the nuclear button, sell the Napoleonics and flood the house with kits....

The intention is to build a police battalion. As yet I am unsure of how I am going to construct the list, I know I want it to be a mech army, but I don't really want any tanks as I don't think they fit the theme. The plan is to use artillery/assualt guns as the heavy support. Which means that I am spending rather too much time on the Forgeworld site gazing longingly at the Armageddon Medusa .

We shall see. To afford them I will need to offload the Napoleonics.

Golly I have said that twice, which is a surely a sign that the siren call of ebay is calling.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Play Nicely Children

Ok, it's the same sort of enjoyment as puling the wings and legs off a crane fly, but I admit that I am amused watching the emerging nerd rage surrounding the release of 6th edition..

Much of the comment could have been lifted word for word from the complaints which surrounded the release of 8th ed. However it is not so much the actual content of the commentary that interests me so much as the underlying sub text.

Perhaps it is because so much of wargaming happens in the solitude of planning and painting, and is very much in the gamers head, but there appears to be a huge sense of entitlement and resistance to change.

No doubt, like with 8th, when the rules actually are released there will be several months of suicidal declarations of rage quitting. And as with 8th, in a year or so those noisy voices will come back to the game and realise that it isn't the game they though it was, and that the instant judgements on what units/builds are required will have been shown to be wrong.

In other news, if you zoom to the bottom of this blog you will a link to my local club, which if you live in the West Yorkshire area is well worth a visit if you want to play wargames/board games/role playing.

Being the father of two small children I don't get to play as often as I would perhaps like, but then I am also aware of how lucky I am to have a club that I can go and play. I don't really want to get into the ins and outs of the various arguments but I do wonder at the level of self awareness of those promoting the negativity.

Still I have made some progress with the Imperial Guard, I've block painted and inked them, and I'm rather pleased with how they are developing.

My next task is to stop visiting the Forgeworld website....


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Long Time No See

It's been a while...

I haven't done much lately in the hobby. In fact I had a month or so when I did absolutely zilch. But over the past week or so I have started painting again...

These just need the final highlights. I have also painted a Golfag model, but no pics as it has gone a bit wrong. I'd like to say it was the Finecast, but it was simple impatience on my part. After undercoating white and inking, the dreaded frosting struck. So I waited a couple of days and reapplied the undercoat. But for some reason the undercoat cracked. At a distance it isn't that noticable, but on closer inspection the model is veiny.

But then with two units of 4 Mournfang I doubt the Maneaters will be used much.

After selling off my Orks, I must have got caught up in the excitement of 6th ed because I bought a box of Imperial Guard. Whether this will grow into an army I can't say. But I have long wanted an Cadian army painted as Riot Police. So this is a nice little side project while I work my way through the rest of the Ogres I have sitting in boxes. And if it doesn't drive me nuts painting 'POLICE' on them, it may well grow.


Providing the whining and moaning at the local club doesn't cause it to implode in the meantime - nerds huh! - I do plan on getting some gaming in in the near future. I'd really like to do some sort of narrative campaign, in fact I may well nip over to the forum to see if anyone would be interested.... 

Now where did I put my asbestos suit?