Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More On Battlefoam's Harrassment Campaign

Digging around the net in search of information with regard to Romeo Filip's camapign of harrassment against Brain Wade, I found this rather interesting thread on Dakka Dakka.

Now those who have been following Mr Filip's campaign of harrassment - all funded by the extra that Battlefoam customers pay for the product - (nice to see Romeo giving back to the community) - will know that so far there has been an allegation of assault, for which Mr Wade sought a restraining order, and a court case that was thrown out due to Battlefoam fabricating evidence, it having no basis in law, and frankly was total nonsense.

But hey! Battlefoam have a patent pending, Romeo has a grudge, and they have a legal fund thanks to the excessive prices of their products - oh yes I forgot - the extra price is due to superior quality of their product - and if you believe that you are as green as you are cabbage looking.

Now when reading the linked thread on Dakka Dakka pay special attention to the Kinghammer contributer, as despite the veiled legalistic threads of the solicitors letter, the comments are rather reveiling as to what precisely Battlefoam's latest legal moves are all about. Namely, they appear to be simply a rehashing of the case that a judge has already ruled as spurious.

There is a repetition of claims of industrial espionage, the high minded claims about customers being confused, before moving onto personal insults and aggressive harrassment of Mr Wade (which let's face it is the real reason for all of this). Quite what Mr Wade's religion has to do with anything is not clear to me - but hey! if you are a berk, posting at your master's behest - Romeo having already made a berk of himself on a previous occasion on Dakka Dakka over this matter - then I guess anything goes.

It is also amusing to see the defence of Battlefoam by it's supporters.

My personal favourite was the speculation that Romeo didn't know anything about the latest letter.

As this letter appears to have been generated by the Warstore demonstrating - remember this word 'demonstrating' - Mr Wade explained on the Chance of Gaming podcast the Warstore were not selling his product at GenCon - that Outrider trays fit Sabol cases.

Which in the mind of the obsessive Romeo means that they have some kind of business relationship, which means that they are both in violation of his patent application - despite a judge having already ruled that Mr Wade is not - the point being unless we are expected to believe that Mr Filip's lawyers were at GenCon and happened to see this outrage - (though let's not forget that Battlefoam make much of their trays being compatible with Sabol and used this as a shoe in to the market) - then you have to be deluded if you believe that this latest round of harrassment was not instigated by Mr Filip.

All of which makes me wonder about the stitching on a Battlefoam bags. Because there must be something very wrong with them if they are so worried about Outrider hobbies and the threat they pose.

Oh and I also find myself laughing at the people who claim this is all about IP protection. Given that battlefoam has essentially grown it's business parasitically upon the backs of the IP of figure manufacturers - none of whom have been paid royalties as I understand it.

Still no doubt the hired mouthes of the various podcasts sponsored by Battlefoam will continue to bleat their viral marketing, and say absolutely nothing about this bullying - which again will comfort Battlefoam customers who can rest assured that the extra money they have shelled out was entirely due to the superior quality of the product - not.


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