Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bunkers to Space Ports

For those of you worriying about the missus's's's's's' head, don't worry she is fine.

Indeed she is well enough that we all went on a family trip to Magna in Sheffield.

For those that don't know this is a 'science' museum that has been set up in an old steel works. I'll admit that I was less than impressed by the 'science', but the setting has left me rather filled with ideas for scenary. Indeed the crumbling industrial heritage of Sheffield has given my ideas - as have the modern prefabricated industrial buildings.

Added to which I also found on the roadside a number of rather useful items, such as a 5 inch rusty bolt and a steel gasket.

I was also inspired when passing a container freight depot. I mean it can't be that difficult to make a container from corrigated plasticard; stack a couple on top of each other you have a great piece of LoS blocking terrain.

Indeed my flights of fantasy got so inspired that I started trying to figure out how I could make a steel works. Which let's face it would make an awesome board for 40K or Necromunda - or even modern skirmish games. It's not until you see the size of melting pots that you really appreciate the scale of the place.

I guess I should start small with the container and a few bunkers - but part of me is longing to get some mdf and 6 inch foam to start cutting down to the smelting floor - and some more styrene girders to get cracking on the building.


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