Saturday, 2 October 2010

Plastic Fantastic

Things proceed apace.

The Big Mek is now painted, and the texture of the basing done. He's a bit shiney at the moment as I gave it a coat of gloss vanish to try and stop chipping, and to try and deal with that I have given the model a blast of Dullcoat.

It's odd because a couple of years ago I was firmly in the camp of prefering metal figures. But these days I much prefer plastics.

Recently I had a chat about this with an unreformed historical gamer. I think that I was suspected of heresy on a number of counts, but my admiration for, and prefering of, plastics tipped the scales.

In historical circles I wonder how much of the preferance for metals is due to that old question of legitimacy. After all the modern hobby evolved and grew in the 1970's into the semi-respectable hobby that it is today with the break from Airfix plastics to speciality companies like Minifigs and later Essex, who cast their minis in metal. Suddenly a pastime for small boys became a proper man's game requiring files and special glues, and best of all catalogues.

Perhaps it is the rise of tournaments that has sparked the move back towards plastics, or maybe it is the widespread use of acrylic paints, or maybe it is just something I have noticed because I have started playing GW games.

Whatever the reason, I really wish that GW would go the whole hog and phase out metals all together. Because nice as the models are, I could do without messing about with greenstuff to get them to stick together and endlessly worrying about chipping.

Right time to activate the Kustom Force Field.


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