Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Magnet Madness

Like, almost, everyone else I am rather pleased with and excited by the new Dark Elf models.

What I am particularly pleased with is that the females actually look like females.

It amuses me that 'in the real world' women spent so much money on such products as the Wonderbra, and yet all they need do is to pay someone to sculpt them for a gaming figure and suddenly they go from an A cup to a triple K.

Though I am guessing that were a woman to pay for such a service it is not their boobs that they would want changed but their figure/weight. I cite as evidence the woman in the Robbie Cooper Alter Ego exhibition.

It will be interesting to see what the codex does to the Dark Elves. And whether it plays into the hands of the conspiracy theorists - which it will do whatever is in it I guess - who point to the Imperial codex creep and compare it to the less than uber Tyranid book, and make claims about Xenos not getting the love.

I suspect that as it is written by Phil Kelly it will be a balanced Codex that at the same time offers great potential and then shoots itself in the foot with pointless limitations. I cite as evidence the Ogre Kingdoms book and elements of the Ork codex - the transport limitations for the HQ's and some of the elites specifically.

I further suspect that when the hating subsides, and the codex has been 'officially' ranked/tiered and dismissed, what those people who invest in these good looking models will be left with is an army that is fun to play, that they like very much - perhaps even love.

Speaking of good looking models - I have been getting on with the Killa Kanz.

The progress has been slightly hampered by having two children with a cold, and discovering that I have run out of ink.


Here is a pic of the base coated models.

At which point I have to confess that the Mek in me has made a bit of a cock up.

I decided to magnetize the arms, but forgot to check the poles of the magnets before I stuck them to the arm. Which means that they are attached at odd and precarious angles (once you have managed to float past the repellant magnetic field), and liable to fall off at the inopportune moments. I am loath to change them, and I am sure that it will out in the end - even if I am considering contacting a lawyer because the magnets didn't have a disclaimer warning idiots to remember 1st year physics when attaching magnets to models.

Having said that in my defence I was pleased to have them attached at all. Since they are not like the horseshoe magnets I used to win on the catch-a-duck, these definitely have a life of their own. And, a liable across the room if you happen to use a metal teaspoon to stir your tea.

The good news is that I got the ink I need and can crack on.

Oh and I bought the boy a pair of winter shoes - meaning that I can spend more on plastic crack with slightly less guilt.... in my day you had to put extra cardboard in your wellies when winter came.... no wait that was my dad.... in my day Doc Martins were £8 a pair and they saw you through sunshine and rain.


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