Thursday, 16 September 2010

Food For The Pie Plate

Yesterday's post was rather an epiphany.

Regular readers will know that I have been struggling with my list for the Orks. My struggle has been partly fluff, and partly because I am looking for an army that feels like an Ork army to me. Oh and one that I want to play and is not going to cost me a lot of money.

Now I realise that yesterday's post might have seemed like nonsense to many readers but it was odd how the combination of deperately trying not to moan about the weapons choices for the Kanz and the realisation that I had the bits to glue a Kustom Mega Blaster to one of the arms, suddenly allowed all the elements that I have been struggling with in my mind to fall into place.

To recap what these are.

Should I have one HQ or two?
How many looted wagons with boom guns should I have?
What would an Ork recon force look like?
How can I pack the most stuff/figures in for the points?

It was the heavy section that was causing me the problem.

I like the Kanz - and I like them more that I have the models - but to max out the squadrons with the same weapon would mean getting three boxes - or going to a bitz supplier - and if I did that, then it would mean that I couldn't fit in a looted wagon.

I wanted Looted Wagons for the fluff - my Orks think they are Imperial Guard - but also in a force of low BS, I wanted a few pie plates to through around. In addition I have been thinking in terms of the static battalions formed by the Soviets at Kursk as a basis for the army - and therefore I needed I needed to have a few big guns. These anti tank battalions seemed an ideal starting point when thinking about the Orks, especially given the large infantry elements. Tactically the principle is the same - life is cheap, and waves soften the impact of any tanks - with the kanz acting as mobile bunkers.

Originally the plan was for 2 Looted wagons, and one unit of Killa Kanz. But yesterday's revelation was that if I had 1 Wagon and then built 2 units of Kanz and kitted them out as an anti tank squadron - rockets and Mega Blaster - and an anti infantry squadron - Grotzookas and Big Shoota - then tactically, and in terms of flexibility, I would have a more rounded force. It strikes me that doing it this way I have the firepower to blow up transports and the killing power to deal with the occupants.

So here's the list as it stands now - and which has been forwarded to the planning department (my wallet).

Big Mek - Kustom force field, Heavy Armour, Cyborg Body
Body Guard - 5 Nobz with Heavy Armour Cyborg Body, in a Trukk with ram - 3 Power Klawz, Pain Boy, Waargh Banner and Boss Pole (arranged for wound allocation)

2*30 Boyz, Nob with Power Klaw - all choppas
1*20 Boyz, Nob with Power Klaw, 2 Big Shootas, - shootas (for objective holding)
Deff Dread, 2 Skorchas, grot.

7 Burna Boyz - 2 changed to Meks Kustom Mega Blaster

Fast Attack
3 Deff Kopters with rokkits

Heavy Support
3 Killa Kanz - 2 Rokkit 1 Kustom Mega Blaster
3 Killa Kanz - 2 Grotzooka 1 Big Shoota
1 Looted Wagon - boom gun, hard case, ram

Which comes in at 1750 on the nose.

It doesn't take a genius to work out the basic plan - hence the title of this post - but win or lose I will be able to rub my beard and mutter about synergy.

At one point a unit of Tank Bustas found their way into the list, and also 3 Half Trakks, and also some Grots, but for reasons of cost they have been moved to the back burner in favour of the uits that I want as the core of my collection. As have the Lootas, that I already have, which are just too expensive in points and can't hold an objective (oh and because some of them have a lovely sugar frosting thanks to GW purity seal, which means I don't love them as much as my shiny Boyz).

As have my Nob Bikerz *sniff*.... one day.... one day....


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