Friday, 17 September 2010

Bang On The Head - No Harm Done

I thought I should give a plug to KR Multicase.

We're a bit pushed for space, so I keep my minis in a KR aluminium case on top of the cupboard in the kitchen.

The other day the missus was getting something out the cupboard and the the strap of the case got caught, resulting in the case falling on her and then onto the floor - a drop of some seven feet or so. She then took out the frustrations of breast feeding and looking after a toddler with only subsiduary help from me and started kicking the case around the kitchen.

I pointed out that my Orks were in there, to which she replied that she was sorry, she thought it was empty - oh and shouldn't I be a bit more sympathetic that the case had fallen on her head.

As to damage - I am pleased to report that as far as I can see no Orks were damaged in the incident.

All I can say is top product.



  1. i could lie and say she probably respects you more, but then again i could say- lol you douche, you need to take her out on a guilt date.

    La Captain (Khorne)

  2. When you have a baby and a toddler you don't go on dates.

    I did warn her to be careful when opening the cupboard.

  3. An excellent example of product-testing, thanks for the unique testimonial. It's good to hear your Orks are okay, any damage to the wife? Hey, at least you gave her fair warning.