Saturday, 18 September 2010

Curse That Orky Goodness

I was musing on the military maxim that a plan rarely stands up to first contact with the enemy.

The reason being that having come up with a list the other day - and one that is both easily painted and not excessive on my pocket - I decided to go back and listen to the 11th Company two part review of the Orks Codex.

It hasn't caused me to change my list drastically, but I do find myself budgetting to get some Meganobz - at which point I feel a joke brewing about asking a lady if size matters with regard to Nobz but Americans might read this and so it is best not to even mention it.

But as 11th company point out, if you give a Nob a Power Klaw that is 45 points, and to get Feel No Pain requires having a Nob costing 50 points in the squad, cyborg bodies and heavy armour add yet more to the cost and to be honest I am less than impressed with my Nobz in the couple of battles they have had so far. Yet for 40 points you can have a Meganob with a Power Klaw and a 2+ save.

I guess it's six of one and calling the kettle black, but the more I think about it the more I find myself thinking "I WANT MEGANOBZ".... in a kind of Little Princess manner.

But leaving my avarice aside there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of sense in the way the points are assigned in the codex. Because if you look at the Nob upgrade in the Boyz mob, that comes in at 41 points for a Nob with a Power Klaw. And given that the Nob in the mob effectively comes as fearless, and if in a full sized mob has 60 wounds - allowing for the vagueries of wound allocation - it does seem odd that it is cheaper than the standard Nob.

The other thing I really like are buggies. But I guess I will hold off on that one until they get remodelled and come in a squadron box like the Kanz.

In other news, I took No 1 son to a model railway show today and after cooing at the trains and trying my best to impress him by picking out the Atlantic Class from the shunters, I bought up so plastacard and some girders and thought I'd have a go at making some Orky scenery. I'm not sure what I will make as yet, maybe some bunkers or ruined buildings. I rather like the idea of having some themed terrain - remember I am going for the Soviet Kursk themed army.

I did think about making a tower for my Ogres, but in truth the excitement of 8th edition has largely worn off and despite not playing a game I am rather down on the whole thing.

Speaking of which, I have already mentioned that I High Elves and Skaven are my least favourite WFB armies, and therefore I am underwhelmed by the Island of Blood, but I happened to be in a GW shop the other day whilst I was buying my Kanz, and noticed they had a painted set ready for a demo. You don't get very much do you? I looked at the figures and couldn't help thinking that it was a bit of a gip. Yeah they might be nice and that... but... well just that really, you don't get much bang for your buck. And certainly in the case of the Skaven it doesn't really give much sense of what the army is about.


Enough moaning. Time to do a google search to sell a kidney to get all the Orky goodness I crave.


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