Thursday, 30 June 2011

Laden with Rumours

And so the light infantry begin to take shape...

Cue blurry photo...

The Hrud are coming... or not.

The Ogres are getting a Bantha.... or not.

I am rather liking the changes at GW.

Ok it is a bit annoying not knowing exactly what is coming - and when. But it is rather exciting that they have decided to cut off rumours and focus on producing miniatures. Suddenly all possibilites are... well possible.

I realise the counter argument is that they should be concentrating on updating the army books and codices, but frankly that is as dull as the people who propose this approach.

In other news I am... as a pedestrian and user of public transport.... rather excited at the latest product from KR Multicase.... a backpack.

Quite why no one thought of this before is not clear.

All I know is that as I am struggling along the road on the uphill climb to the bus stop, with my KR aluminium case bumping off my hip, rhythmically rattling the dice to reinforce the impression that I am a straggler on the retreat from Moscow, I have dreamed of having a backpack.

So good for KR multicase.

I will have to get one at the earliest opportunity.

Of course I won't tell the folks at KR what I intend to put in it, or they will claim I need eight to fit my army in ;-)


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