Friday, 1 July 2011

Shopping Spree

The light infantry slowly gain colour...

Cue blurry photo...

Oh well all of the monies from the ebay auctions have come in... and pretty much all of it has gone out following today's shopping spree.

Triple Helix got a chunk of it... who could resist their BOGOF offer on Victrix Frenchies - 120 figures for £24.... HUZZAR!

Copplestone got some of it... as I seek to expand the Bosheviks. Speaking of which I have a confession to make. Last night I had to stop myself from appropriating one of my son's toy cars, as it would have made a useful commisar transport.

And after a piece of banking that would made Leaman Brothers proud, KR Multicase got the bulk of the rest of it. Those backpacks were just too tempting.

Ok it now means that I have hardly any money for the Ogres, but I still have some Ork stuff to sell when the next free listing offer rolls around. So hopefully by the time September/October rolls around I should have enough to get the things I want.

I got the double backpack, and my plan is to use it for my Napoleonics, which when complete with be two infantry brigades and an cavalry brigade, plus some artillery. My back of the Rizla packate calculations reckon that I should get it all in the two KR cases, which come with the bag, with room to spare for expanding the force at a later date - as the proposed army is some 300 figures, I figure I will need a bit of rest before calling for reinforcements.

Which will leave the KR aluminium double that I already have for the Ogres.

The trays are not the right size, but the foam is soft enough that I should be able to get the figures in without to much trouble.

On a related topic, the Dakka science lab has concluded it's latest experiment.

And it is not good news for Finecast, because the conclusion is that if you pack your figures carelessly - so that they have stress on them inside the carrying case - and leave it in a warm car boot for they days, Gandalf will end up with a bent sword.

My problem with this result is that it is pretty much what would be expected. Seeing as GW themselves state that the resin be bent/scuplted/converted under heat plus pressure.

I am not trying to playdown potential problems. But the moral of the story is that one needs to have a bit of care when packing your models in foam trays. However since this is the reason for buying the trys int he first pace this is a bit f a no brainer.


ps I realise the Triple Helix offer is Buy One Get One Half Price, and not BOGOF, but I just like saying BOGOFF.

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