Wednesday, 1 June 2011

En Avent

I have finsihed the first battalion.

Cue blurry picture...

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

I'm particularly pleased with the freehand work on the flag.

I can't say I spent ages doing it, and it helps that I have commisioned Henri Matisse to take the photgraphs, but it does look rather nice.

Seeing as my painting head is firmly afixed, I have painted four cannons - for my battalion guns.

And whilst attending to my child care duties, I managed to read and reread the Black Powder rule book.

Though for most of the day I have been daydreaming about organising a 'tournament' that I intend to call, The Island of Mystery. It will be a WFB tournie, but with a twist.

One of the ideas is that before the tournament begins, each player draws a card/number of cards. These will be things like, all enemy spells miscast on any double, selected unit gets frenzy, reroll winds of magic dice - things like that. They can play these cards at anytime in any of their games. Another idea is that before the tournament, all the players are asked to nominate their least favourite spells. In the first game if someone casts the least favourite spell, then each table rolls a D6 and the result is the number of magic phases in which there are no winds of magic in that game. Plus some other stuff like weather, random characters wandering through the games.

The last game will be a small point last man standing quest style game in which all the players play on the same table in order to find the gold or whatever.

Meh... it amused me.


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