Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Fun is in the Journey

The Bolsheviks are progressing....

Cue blurry photo....

And my ebay auctions have closed.

Not everything sold - so I shall have to wait for the next free listing weekend - and I am reasonably happy with the money I have made. I was amsued that someone tried it on, offering to buy whatever didn't sell and then offering me next to nothing... yeah right, I'm not as green as I am cabbage looking.

As the summer is heating up, and having a couple of kids, I noticed we had an ice cream container laying about. So I fished out a bit of pick and pluck foam, cut a sheet of greaseproof paper to size, and viola (a word I use out of either humour or pretension - I can't say, not having spell checked) I had a wet paint tray.

Surprisingly this is something I have never used before, and I have to say that I am pleased with the results.

So after my analysis paralysis (I'm still working my way through the back catalogue of the D6 Generation) I have decided to go down the historical naval gaming route, and due to prompt payment from some of the ebay buyers, I am going to fill out the Navwar order form and get it in the post.

Speaking of podcasts, the latest episode of Chance of Gaming offered an interesting insight into the mind of a GW baiter.

According to the host, Adam, GW has broken EU competition laws by stopping UK online stores/shops from shipping to continental Europe - which they haven't - that Wayland Games was responsible for the video that did the rounds a few weeks ago, pleading with GW to... well I'm not really sure what the point of the video was.... - which they weren't, it was Mini Wargaming - and that Wayland Games is the biggest retailer 'over there' - which may or may not be true, but I have never thought of them as such.

It was nice to see Skyler (or however you spoll it) back, and an amusing listen as Adam didn't get the reaction he had hoped for - indeed the main question seemed to be, 'why are you even bothered? you don't play the game.'

Which is a question I wonder myself about GW baiters.

Sure many of them used to be players, and maybe some of their passion is akin to a jilted lover. But I don't get why, often years after the break up, they continue to stalk the company and slag them off to anyone who will listen.

Oh and in other gaming news, my three year old had some money from Grandma. And I thought it was time to learn counting and probability through gaming. So after trawling the charity shops we got Mousie Mousie and Frustration.

One thing I have noticed is how much effort I have to put in to make my three year old care about winning. I noticed this first when playing Snap. The enjoyment comes not from the winning but from the playing.


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