Thursday, 23 June 2011

Farting Around

The painting cupboard is filling up...

Cue blurry photo...

All quiet on the painting front. In fact I have done very little today. I finished basing the second French battalion and spent 28p out of the penny jar to base my Bolsheviks, and that's about the sum total of what I have achieved.

I was pleased to see that a new episode of Life After the Cover Save has hit the interwebz. So I listened to that while cuddling and lullabying my youngest to sleep and reading the latest issue of Private Eye - multi-tasking FTW.

Amid the usual know jokes and farting into the microphone, there was an interesting discussion of tournaments.

I know there are some that don't like LAtCS but I have always liked it. The main reason being they don't spend their time boring the shit out of me by telling me how I should play and what units I should take - or getting involved in the pointless mouthing off that other podcasts in the 'community' think is there duty.

Right the bases of the Bolsheviks are dry, and I want to prime them.... have fun....


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