Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Brain Farts

I have a dilemma...

Cue blurry photo...

Regular readers may remember that there was an issue with an order I placed with the Perry's....

Don't you just know it, just as I start to write this blog I recieved a reply from the Perry's to my earlier email.

Still it doesn't change what I was going to say... even if it exposes my brain fart.


I suspected that the order was wrong - or to be more precise different to what I thought I ordered - and sure enough when it arrived I was surprised to see that instead of the infantry bases I was suspecting, they had sent a box of British infantry.

The reason for this is because when I placed the order I had used a prodct code that doesn't exist and they sent the item that most closely matched the code I had invented.

I sent off an email about the error.

Which brings me to my dilemma. Because I found myself thinking about the figures and pondering what I could do. My prefernce for an allied Penisula army would be the Spanish, and in the latter part of the campaign the Spanish wore British uniform. So I could use this box as the start of that army.

And so to the email. In which they explained that my brain fart in ordering had caused the mix up. But no worries and that I should keep the figs, they would give me a refund and send me the bases that I thought I was ordering. Which is frankly above and beyond the call of duty.

As to the figures that I did order FN1, they are some of the most beautiful figures I have ever seen. They came in a small jewellry type box and that is very fitting for the quality of the figures.

I have long been a fan of the Perry's work - and we needed go into the time one of them shot me in the backside with an arrow - but this has made me even more of a fan, and more of a happy customer.

In other news at the Finecast science lab on Dakka, the originator of Finecast melts rumours has showed up. After spending a couple of days using his 'story' to drum up traffic for his blog, he is back pleading innocence, and victimhood - supposedly the offending post has been taken down because of death threats.

According to him, he never said that Finecast melted and is surprised... yadda, yadda, yadda. One thing his display of reasonableness has failed to address, is his assertion about the models in the GW window... but seeing as the page is now removed, the rebuttal is implied.

Still it is mission accomplished, as the story was mentioned, including the Leamington Spa window incident, on Chance of Gaming during Adam's weekly GW rant.


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