Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Action Stations

The French are progressing nicely.

Cue blurry photo....

I still have enough figures - before having to buy more - for another infantry battalion.

I have put my Orks on ebay, and they are starting to sell, so I have been doing a little window shopping. I haven't given up on 40K, I just have no desire to play Orks anymore, and I need the case they are in for the other armies I have.

Whilst window shopping I found myself looking at the stuff by Spartan Games. I have seen the models in the flesh a couple of times and they are lovely. And it wasn't long before I found myself looking through the ranges and trying to decide which I like the most - and then doing mental calculations about what I could afford, and how much money I would have for when the new Ogre book comes out.

But what checked me in my musing was that as much as I love the models, and as much as I would like to get back into naval gaming, it doesn't make an awful lot of sense to spend fifty odd quid for a game that I may or may not like, when I can spend 20 odd quid for two small squadrons from Skytrex and play a set of rules that I do like; General Quarters.

Obviously I don't have shiney newness. And probably by now the Davco ships will be showing their age. But I don't really mind about that, since as I have mentioned before some of my happiest memories of wargaming have been playing WW1 naval games.

I suppose I should really check that the rules are still available.


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