Saturday, 25 June 2011


I've done a bit more on my Bolsheviks...

Cue blurry photo...

The latest episode of Fantasard has a very interesting interview with Rick Young.

Tangentially I have been thinking about historical accuracy in recent days.

Even though I made a trip to the library yesterday to print out the Navwar order form (and before you ask I do have a printer but I object to paying for the ink that gets wasted when the missus prints out knitting patterns in full colour, and usually with half the website for good measure) I still find myself pondering whether or not to go down the historical naval path, or to go down the path of Dystopian Wars.

My reasoning runs thus.

If you wanted to recreate Pearl Harbour, it would be easier to do it using Dystopian Wars because the moment you use the models for the actual ships involved people will start to make assumptions about how the battle should be fought. Perhaps there would be an issue with Dystopian Wars being a system game, and system game players have a seemingly genetic releuctance to play anything that isn't produced and endorsed by the maker.

I will probably go for the historical option, mainly because I really like the rules, but as my mind began to idle into zen, as I dibbed and dabbed minute amounts of paint on the Bolshies, creating shadows that no one will see whent he blending starts, I found myself wondering why people don't use 40k figures to recreate the Iranian Embassy Siege. Or if it would be possible to recreate Lepanto with WWII aircraft. Or what about Waterloo using WFB? The possibilities are endless.

I suspect Spartan had such things in mind when they developed Dystopian Wars. Indeed as a system it does seem perfect for such campaigns as Gaudalcanal. Which is another reason why I am tempted by the game.


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