Monday, 30 May 2011

A Bit Random

I am slowly working my way through the Napoleonic battlion.

Cue blurry picture.

Two days of work, and I am still two or three colours away from finishing the base colour.

During the breaks in painting I have been faffing about on the internet.

I have an admission to make. I stumbled across a rumour thread on Warseer duscussing rumours for the new Ogre book and found myself getting giddy with excitement at the prospect of a new book.

I love the idea of Leadbelchers being mobile cannon. I am excited at the prospect of Rhinox riders. I am a little confused at the rumoured gaint/cart thing with gnoblars riding in/on it. But on the whole there is nothing that I have seen that is objectionable.

Other than that I have been working on a list for the 1500 tournament.

You don't get many Ogres at that points level do you? ;-)

Oh well I guess I will have to see if I can arrange a few games to see what works and what doesn't - there are a few birthday parties coming up and I might be able to wangle a couple of Saturdays at the FLGS, while the kids get sick on jelly and cake.

Oh the other thing that is worthy of note, is that I have been looking into getting a case for the Ogres. The case I currently have them in is ok - I bought it at a convention a couple of years ago for £20. The main problem with it is that it doesn't have a shoulder strap.

I have said it before, I am a fan of KR multicase. Though I am not a fan of there tray selector program which is frankly confusing.

I sent them an email, including my army composition, asking if they could recommend what I would need.

According to them, I need three of their cases. I was so shocked that I emailed back asking them to confirm that they were really recommending that I needed three cases.

It's just weird. Either the £20 case I already have is the tardis, or KR have confused me with a supermodel that never goes anywhere without a lackey to push my airport style luggage trolley.


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