Saturday, 14 July 2012

To The Lists On The Mourn

And so tomorrow is the first Leeds Nightowls WFB club challenge.

I have been deep in preparation. After a pro-biotic breakfast, I went the the health club for a massage and aromatherapy session. Then I spent three hours meditating whilst listening the the audio book of....

Actually I got up late, took the four year old shopping, then to the park, and when I got home I knocked together the new club blog... and in a minute I will hunt out my dice, and write two copies of my list (assuming I can find any paper that the 2 year old hasn't crayoned all over).

My list is

Slaughtermaster level 3, Iron Fist, Dispel Scroll, Fencer's Blades, Glittering Scales
Bruiser - BSB, Crown of Command

10 Ironguts, Muso, Standard bearer, Banner of Discipline.
10 Gnoblars, trapper, Standard Bearer.

4 Mournfang, Muso, Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Iron Fists, Flaming Banner
4 Mournfang, Muso, Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Iron Fists.
1 Sabretusk


1999 points.

It's pretty much the list I used the last game, but thanks to Battlecribe I noticed that I was sixty point short, hence the Gnoblars.

It isn't hard to see what the plan is.


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