Monday, 30 July 2012

The Ritalin Generation

The last time I played chess, I was hassled into it by this bloke I vaguely knew on a tea break at work. The game lasted about about five minutes, I lost and he had the pleasure of launching into an ignored soliloquy about the sort of boring stuff that people who play chess like to waffle on about.

Chess to me is like Mousetrap, it looks like it should be fun, and people who are into it are really into it but frankly it is dull.

But of course this makes me unintelligent, because chess is a sign of mental superiority like Stockhausen, Frida Kahlo  or labelling fat people as Obese.But here''s the thing that puzzles me, why is it that all these 'clever' people haven't noticed that chess is a game about politics?

Which makes me wonder why chess ever gets linked to wargames.


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