Friday, 27 July 2012

Dead Air

And so Heelenhammer has gone.

Well maybe not gone, but as Dan and Wayne explained, at length, they will no longer be recording regularly. As someone who has listened from the beginning, with a period half way through when I got fed up with their smugness and didn't bother, I will kind of miss the show.

3 years is a long time for anyone to indulge in a hobby project, but there are plenty more that have managed it and continue to go from strength to strength.

A case in point being Bad Dice which has greatly benefited from going gaystyle - not that the show was bad before when the Ben's were doing it (it was even a little gaystyle then). But the inclusion of Gareth as the noob is a real breath of fresh air in a genre that seems to assume that everyone listening is as cheesy as the hosts, and enjoys being told what they are allowed to do with their toysoldiers.

Heelenhammer didn't go totally down this line in the way of say The 11th Company, but there was an element of Dan being the tournament- nazi to Wayne's hobby-nazi.

And after Spiersgate, Dan's stint on the committee of nonsense at the ETC, and a couple of off-the-cuff comments along the line of 'people don't understand me' (Dan's claims on the Black Sun to being a secret swearer when not subject to Apple's censor) it was hardly surprising that the podcast was going to dwindle to nothingness.


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