Thursday, 12 July 2012

After Changes, Things are More or Less the Same

The Ogres are done.

Sadly I doubt they will make it to the tournament at the weekend.

To digress slightly.

Nerd rage has broken out at the news that GW has issued a C&D against a hosting service holding files for Army Builder. Various wild claims and conspiracy theories have circulated the interwebz, mainly focusing on GW being the evil empire. Curiously the letter was apparently issued three weeks ago, and Lonewolf are seemingly laid back about the matter.


The matter has been a golden opportunity for various other - free - army builder software (no wait, better change that for reasons of potential copyright (oh the irony)).... *ahem*.... the matter has been a golden opportunity for various other list building software to highlight their alternative products. Thus I decided to stop farting about with the demo version of Army Builder and give Battlescribe a go.

The program is good, if a little confusing to set up for a semi-technophobe like me, and the info is generally correct.

So I set about fiddling with the list, and after a couple of hours of trying various configurations have come to the conclusion that.... I'm going to go with the list I tried out the other week - with a few slight tweeks.

If I am asked why I have gone for a version of the netlist Ogre cheese my excuse will be that it fits in a single KR case.



  1. Glad you're finding BattleScribe useful :) if you're having any trouble let me know and I'll give you a hand.

    As a self proclaimed "technophobe" I'd love to hear what you found difficult and what I can do to make it easier to get set up.

    -Jon (BattleScribe developer)

    1. The Ogre file doesn't multiple the armour options.