Monday, 23 July 2012

GW Go Nuts

GW has appointed Bio agency to do something or other for them.

I say something or other because I notice that various forum posts have popped up around the internet containing pony tailed jargon and asking for feedback. And in short it is the same old shit that every other company does, and is largely based on the technology of the various devices and very little to do with the product.

I'll give you an example.

"It's fun and exciting to be able to use an army building app, and at the click of a button, to be able to order the army you have created"

And yes it is. And no doubt the lovies will pitch this idea, and with the bells and whistles on the smart phone at the presentation there will be much excitement. But if they don't also recommend restarting the bits business the app is worthless, and will instantly crash and burn when the angry Americans who run the interwebz get started on the subject... not forgetting they will have been rubbishing it for weeks prior to release (it take a lot of internet hate chimping to get one of those big warjack things ;))

One thing I noticed was that they are talking about the end of the retail division. Apparently online shopping is growing at 10.5% a year and the high street is yesterday's news... yadda, yadda, yadda... just to put it into context, they were talking about the end of the FLGS, and coupled with a recent story I heard about a GW rep telling a new gaming store that they should not rely on GW products if they want to create a viable business. Therefore it could mean that GW is going to scale back/pull out of supplying independent retailers, and or, their retail shops.

What interests me about this is that it is pretty much what the interwebz business experts have been saying for year. Their motivation is purely a way of trying to justify cutting prices - and takes no account of the phyletic size decrease inherent in GW's business - and indeed every business - so one thing is for sure, the price is about as likely to go down as Anne Widdecombe.

I'd be more than happy if GW went entirely online, but then I don't use the shops. And I haven't ever used the shops on account of, with perhaps two exceptions, the staff at a bunch of cunts. But I do recognize the value of the shops in a way that wittering about the high street and quoting percentage of online sales, does not.

It is not my idea - blame the Independent Characters -but the same thing the shops do could be done far better, by instead of retailing, the company rented office space, set up a lot of tables and opened mini Warhammer Worlds.

Amusingly the vanguard of this move to digital don't quite understand the concept of books - hardly surprising, not many people 'in the digital world' do - the minion conducting the research didn't quite understand that interactive army books, that update themselves, already exist. It is a standard paper codex, in which the player cuts and pastes - literally - the faq's - viola - a concept akin to matches to the Inquisition.

We shall have to see what comes out of this.

Incidentally, on a related subject, on the radio the other day there was an advert in which you typical moronic couple (so favoured by advertisers) were having a discussion about the text the man had received from his bank informing him that the interest rate on his account had changed.

It seemed an odd thing to be excited about - the morons seemed mighty pleased that their bank cared so much that they informed them.

And if this appointment leads to at least a fraction of the interwebz thinking GW cares about them, and if that leads a fraction of that fraction to STFU, stop asking those baffling questions in FAQ's, and just be vaguely rational, then it will have achieved something.


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