Sunday, 29 July 2012

Heroic Death of the Helena

I got down the club and managed to get in game General Quarters against Dean.

Cue Sombre Music...

In the Pacific the perfidious little men of the Japanese navy continue their aggression....

I was rather pleased as it is the first time I have managed to play since I bought the ships last year. The basic scenario was that the Japanese had to deliver supplies to one of the islands - the supplies were on the destroyers - and it was my duty as the Americans to stop them.

One of the things that I really should keep in mind for future games is not to launch torpedoes at target when the probability is they will hit an island.

The Japanese expressed much chagrin at the American radar, firing through the smoke screens laid by the destoryers.

The battle was evenly matched until someone on board the Helena left a porthole open in the boiler room, allowing two 5" shells to fly in, wreck the boiler room and leave the ship dead in the water and the target of a massed torpedo attack.

As the two sides got to close range, and the damage mounted, the Americans in desperation attempted to ram the Japanese to try and keep them away from the crippled Helena. But all to know avail, as the torpedoes struck home and the ship broke in two, Not that it stopped the dastardly Armoured Cruiser, Mogami, from firing on the wreckage.

The Americans lost two destroyers, and the Helena, and were forced to leave another destroyer to the mercy of the Japanese. The Japanese were roughly handled, but didn't lose any ships, this fact was kept from the American public.

I did enjoy the game and I was left thinking about what ships I could add. 


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