Monday, 9 July 2012

Half Way to 9th

The Ogres continue to slowly progress towards the table.

Once these are finished the task will then be to go back over the army and work on the skin tone to get a unified colour, a little closer to my original intention. But that is for the future, as there are other things that I want to work on more.

One source of perpetual moithering for gamers is the release schedule of army books and codexs. And, I notice that 8th edition is roughly half way through it's lifespan, and there are still a number of books that have not been updated.

Personally I don't buy into the whole tier thing, and I don't buy into the notion that certain codex's are 'uncompetitive'. It always strikes me that the proponents of this thinking assume that WFB is only played with both players running directly across the board at each other.

As a one time Wood Elf player I would like to see a new book. Equally as someone who has considered Brettonia (and rejected it because I hate the cavalry models) I would like to see that army updated. Both armies are perfectly viable, but it would be interesting to see what new models they get, and in what way the army will be tweeked.

This last point is something I think many people miss whenever there is an update to either the rules or the army book. Because to listen to some people each change is a revolutionary change, whereas all that has really happened is a bit of tweeking around the edges.

Sometimes the tweeking is not obvious and appears a massive overhaul, the Ogres being a good example. The intention of the original army was to create a combat army with reasonable magic defence, that got across the table quickly and them either smashed up the enemy, or ran away. The original army failed at this task because of the pointless limitations and the daft bull charge rules, the new army succeeds by the inclusion of the Mournfangs to get across the table quickly, and the Ironblasters to deal with the things that Ogres traditionally found difficult to handle - large beasts and artillery.

It remains to be seen if all the books get an update before the end of 8th. It is certainly possible that they will given that there are still two years or so remaining.

Though I would caution those lamenting their 'uncompetitive' books to be careful what they wish for.

Oh how I wish my Tyrant still wore the Great Helm.....


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