Monday, 16 July 2012

Jesse Owens Leads The Defence of Hill 303

And so after many closed forum threads and forty plus pages of heated ranting, it appears the Axis running Battlefront have managed to find a solution to the tournament problem.

And given Battlefront's warped view of history it is only fitting that they have emerged from their virtual bunker and like Neville Chamberlain waved a piece of paper - well email - and declared piece in our time.

The agreement between the Chetniks and the Vichy government has declared that in future players at official Battlefront tournaments will be required to have the majority of their armies supplied by the antipodean factory fishermen turned wargame saviours. Which apparently means more than 50% - but this being wargaming, and it being tournament players - and with me taking this information from the interwebz - chatter has begun about what exactly 50% means, and does a majority mean more than 50%, and does it mean by points, or models, and is terrain included... you get the idea...

However the part of Molotov-Ribbentrop pact that interested me was that if you join the heroic partizans by participating fully in the Flames of War hobby, by using only the finest miniatures that the Krupp foundry can produce, then you will be rewarded. It was not clear exactly what form this reward will take (I hope to God it isn't more Swastika patches). Though apparently this was somehow linked with their Rangers program.

Interestingly the exact details of this program have not been announced, but no doubt it will be along the lines of the Privateer program which aside from organising games and other 'noble' activities, seems to involve rather a lot of spotty teenagers trolling their way around the internet in return for models - 'jacking off for jacks' if you will... doing jack for jack... I better stop their before I start attracting traffic from the male porn crowd (you wouldn't believe the number of people who stop by in search of Elf Anal Sex... and having just typed that, no doubt I shall have more)

Laughably this announcement has been received with comments like, 'at least it shows Battlefront listens to their customers unlike GW.' And perhaps if you have the memory of a goldfish that is true. Sure GW don't get involved in angry forum wars - how could they, they don't have a forum - only to change a policy that in the medium term will do something to stave off the phyletic size decrease problem of a company at Battlefront's stage of growth - and let's face it given that the question arose in the first place in the face of a quarter of a million dollar annual bill for tournament support - but it can hardly be said that GW does not respond to their customers. But let's not get involved in the whole digital thing, or the move away from metals because of the problems of pinning, etc.


On the lighter side, one of Battlefront's competitor, the Plastic Soldier Company, has devised a set of rules to go with their range of miniatures. It is due for release in September, and it is called Battlegroup Kursk.

Which prompted a FoW player to ask if the rules were for a specific period of WWII.

Oh and while I am on the subject of supplements, apparently Battlefront is going to bring out Operation Sealion. Ok let's not get into the historical reality of the impossibility of the German invasion of 1940... let's just buy into the FoW Hobby and imagine that every German unit was elite SS and tanks outnumbered infantry by three to one (Liddel Harte's wet dream in miniature). What intrigued me  - given FoW's proclivity for special characters - was what the stats would be for Dion Fortune - and no the figure doesn't look like Angela Landsbury ;)


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