Friday, 6 July 2012

Avoiding the Shower

I have begun work on the Ogres again.

The completest within me wants more Leadbelchers to allow me to run the Heavens Slaughtermaster properly and I also want the ability to run a horde of 18 Bulls.

I also want to maybe run a slightly different list at the tournament next week. It won't be massively different to the list I ran last week but I want something that smacks a little less of cheese. However, the problem is that without the Ironblaster the Ogres don't have much that can deal with armies that sit back and shoot with cannons, or have big gribbly monsters. And Ironblasters suffer particularly from the universal laws of miscasts - if you have one it will blow up on the first turn, if you have two it will not blow up. Which leaves very little wiggle room in the list..

Ideally I would like to run to wizards, and one possibility is not to have a BSB.

This might be heretical to many, but the times I have tried it the lack of the reroll has not made that much difference, and it can actually work to your advantage. The Ogres extra movement means that any holes that do appear in the early part of the game due to units fleeing, can be plugged pretty quickly in a turn or two - and when plugging those holes they will be flank charges to units trying to take advantage of the hole.

I'll have a think over the weekend while I'm painting.

Ideally any list I come up with, will leave me feeling a little less dirty....

The thing that recently has got me rather excited is the notion of playing narrative games. I'll have to see if I can arrange some at the club - see the banner below for details - and if you are in the West Yorkshire area you might want to come along and join in.


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