Sunday, 8 July 2012

Policing the Police

Trying to work out a list for the Imperial Guard is proving rather difficult.

My problem can be crystallized into struggling not to build the 'best' list possible, but finding a list that best suits the 'fluff' of the army that I am seeking to create.

The army is a police battalion, loosely based on the anti-Partisan units deployed on the Eastern Front during WWII, but also trying to incorporate modern anti-riot police. This combination creates problems of it's own. The anti-Partisan units tended to be fairly ad-hoc in their organization, whereas the modern riot police are not - though I take on board that large numbers of them would be generally deployed on other duties for most of the time.

The 40k universe does have a force that would be assigned to these duties, the Adeptes Arbites, but having looked at the background, the fandex's, and other snippets of information, this force is not something that interests me. In part because it suffers from a level of silliness that I am not willing to engage with. It is semi heretical to point to real life when discussing matters of 40k, but personally the silliness comes from the overlaying tones of Judge Dread whilst ignoring the generally distressing nature of the work that such a unit would be expected to undertake.

I am thinking in terms films like Come and See, or the reports about the level of alcoholism among those who undertook anti-partisan activities.

Now obviously this can't be replicated within the game per se.

But I do want to find a way to suggest this without going along the line vet melta spam and relying on the paint job to give the army a theme.

However I have made the decision that the Heavy support will come in the form of Medusas. And I think I have worked out a way to fit a Demolisher turret on a Chimera chassis that will suit my aim of creating an assault gun and making the army distinct from standard Guard units - and will save me some money by not buying the Forgeworld kit.

On a more practical level I have been painting ogres and have completed the flesh.

Hopefully they will be ready for the tournament next week, so that when I come to write the list later in the week I will have some more options.


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