Sunday, 17 October 2010

Last Minute Games

I guess one of the pitfalls of playing in a group is the broken down car.

On this occasion it was my opponent with mechanical problems, so I didn't manage to get my planned game.

I did however get to play a game of Descent, which was rather fun.

I have long been a fan of Warhammer Quest, and Descent is not a dissimilar game - if rather more complicated.

There was a large game of Napoleonics going on upstairs, so there were only two intrepid heroes putting their life on the line, following the gypsies map - and we did lose the game - dying in the last room - but there was enough entertainment on the way to make me want to play again.

Still I have a arranged for a grudge match with my automotorly challenged opponent... though hopefully it will be a grudge match only in name. And it does give me a chance to crack on with the painting and get some more unit choices added to my list.


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