Monday, 11 October 2010

Reflections of Fuldrak Pass

Poor old Smakz.

This is one of the hazards of running a horde army. I am sure I had the errant arm when I packed up, but when I got home and unpacked it was gone.

Thinking about the game yesterday I have been struck by a couple of observations.

The first is that medium mobs do pretty well. And because of the fearless rules and the extra casualties involved in losing combat resolution, it is better to run smaller mobs - the original plan was for 30 strong - and to submit to the whims of leadership 7 and the Boss pole sooner.

This is rather a pleasing discovery as in a way my thinking about mob size had been rather hamstrung by the 30 strong mob, which in any case worked against my thinking for the army as a whole, which is lots of cheap units.

The Deffkoptas worked well in individual units. Which in terms of purchasing and army construction causes me a few headaches with regard to the fast attack slots. I like TLRokkit buggies and wartrakks, which fulfill a similar roll and I am not adverse to bikes - and in terms of my philosophy the cost of squadrons is not prohibitve for any of these. But the psycholgical effect of single Koptas - certainly in yesterday's game - was out of all proportion to their points cost and "actual effectiveness". Also single models are able to manouvre and adopt positions that would be awkward or impossible for larger squadrons.

The Kanz and Dreds did well, and will form the backbone of the army for the time being.

Though the real surprise unit, and perhaps the stars of the show, were the Nobz.

I have been rather dismissive of them as late, but they did well yesterday. Perhaps I have been trying to build the mobs too big - 8-10 mobs with cyborg bodies and painboyz - looking at the 3 - 400 point cost and blanching. Yesterday I had five of them, only 1 Klaw and they did fine.

The other unit that is a must from now on are the Lootas. 2 units of 6 seems about right, and combined with the boomgun of a looted wagon it should offer some great fire support - when the Looted wagon kit arrives - apparently it is stuck in the post.

As for my opponent, he agreed it was a good game and said that it has given him more idea of how to deal with Orks. So that was good.

Thinking about it from his perspective, I think I would have played for time more. I think his one mistake was remaining static in the movement phase and trying to rely on fire power. Had he moved backwards, he could possibly have managed a turn or two more before the Boyz reached him - and depleted their numbers. To an extent he was hamstrung by what might be considered my alph-strike against his armour on the first turn - which as I have already pointed out was best described as lucky (not that I am complaining).


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