Monday, 4 October 2010

Just Wondered

The Deff Dred has arrived, and I have been merrily building it.

After sorting out the magnets on the Kanz, and working out a system for fitting them in future, I figured I would magnetize the arms on the Dred.

My original plan was to have 2 close combat arms, and 2 skorchas - working on the basis that Orks can't shoot and therefore the flame template would get around that problem. Add to this my plan with the Dred is to run forward, so I will only really get one round of shooting.

At which point I thought, why not go the whole hog and have 4 combat arms?

After all the intention is to pile in with the Boyz in mulitple combats.

But then I got to thinking that perhaps there might be someone on the other side of the table firing at me. And if the Dred was immobilised then fitted out for close combat only would leave it pretty much useless.

Which is a round about way of posing the question how much you consider the opponent when writing a list?


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