Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Nob Bikerz Are Back

The missus has let me out to play and I have arranged a game at the local club.

So I have come up with a list as follows - 1750 points....

Big Mek - Kustom Force Field

Warboss - bike, power claw, boss pole, heavy armour
3 Nob Bikers - 1 power klaw, 1 combi flamer, stikk bombz

Dreff Dred - 3 CCA, 1 Big Shoota, Grotrigger

3 Killa Kanz - 2 Grotzooka, 1 Big Shoota
3 Killa Kanz - 2 rokkits, 1 Kustom Mega Blasta

12 Boyz - Slugga/Choppa, Nob with Power Klaw, Big Shoota
Trukk - Ram Stik Chukka

25 Boyz - Slugga/choppa, Nob with Power Klaw
26 Boyz - Slugga/Choppa, Nob with Power Klaw, Big Shoota.

3 Deffcoptas - TLRokkits - fielded in solo units.

12 Lootas

7 Burnas - 2 meks with KMB

Regular readers may well be surprised that the Nob Bikers are included. And indeed I have somewhat changed my thinking with regard to the way in which I intend to build the army. And the rationale of what I am looking to achieve - which is a rather long winded way of saying that I love painting Orks.

For a while I have been wrestling with the issue of the lack of tactical flexibility offered by the slugga/choppa combination, as opposed to the shoota. Basially unless the slugga/choppas are charging foward they are not doing their job. In addition I have been pondering the best way to employ a foot slogging horde.

The more I theorise on the army the more I conclude that the key to playing the army, in the way I want, is to create waves, and a split of shootas and slugga mobs is the perfect way to achieve this.

At which point we come to a piece of counter intuitive thinking.

As I have 60 slugga/choppa Boyz, I need 60 shoota Boyz. One answer buy bodies legs and a few heads from Bitz sellers to make use of the arms in my bitzbox. But hey! I'm a gamer! so there is only one solution - buy more plastic crack. If I get three battalions boxs, then I will have 120 boyz and 4 Trukks (not to mention that if I decide to go the 180 horde route I have plenty of stuff for when I do hit the botz sellers). Suddenly I have the tactical felexibility I am seeking, combined with waves.

As I said it is counter intuitive. I go in search of foot-slogging, and find myself roughly where I wanted to be when I started out a year ago searching the internet for lists and declaring that I wanted a mechanised Ork army.

It is a slightly different ork army to the one I envisioned, as back then the aim was a battlewagon heavy force. But having assembled the Kanz and the Dred, and with the Looted Wagon arriving any day now, I find myself without any heavy slots, and no real desire to consider the battlewagon as anything other than a vehicle for the HQ. Add to this the chatter on BoLS about AV10 and I have gone back to have another look at Trukks.

The reason I discounted them before was small unit size, and therefore the vulnerability of morale failures. Yet on refelction that is a little self defeating. A 30 strong mob takes a lot of killing, it is true, and it is not that much more in points cost compared to a trukk mob, but depending on how you play the fearless combat resolution rules it is also a liability. And then there is the real bonus the stikkchukker.

And so it is that the MEGANOBZ have been moved to the backburner, until I have worked my way through 3 Battalion boxes, and get around to buying a Battlewagon.

After all the Mek can hide in the Boyz mobs coming up in the second wave, and the Warboss can hop on his bike, rustle up some Biker Nobz and join in the Trukk rush.

And so it is that the army prepares for battle with a new ethos, and in fact an official name, Da Green Tigerz.

Which reminds me I need to come up with some fluff - oh and I need ot get on with the terrain.


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