Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Two Fried Eggs And A Kebab

Don't get excited, they're only blast craters.

As my looted wagon is lost in the post, and the battalion box I ordered is out of stock, I decided to get on with my terrain.

For those interested in how I made them.

I stuck three old CD's together to form a base. Then a cut up some polystyrene packing material, fixed them into a ring around the edge - building them up to block LoS - using PVA glue. This was done last week, so the glue was thoroughly dry.

The mix I used for the for the surface coat was variation on the Beasts of War recipe. I used PVA, brown paint, sand, No More Nails and Filler. As the mix dried I added some sand and small stones to give texture, and secured this texture with a coating of super glue. In addition I used a skewer to scrape the excess mixture from the centre of the crater and provide the blast effect.

When this is dried, I'm going to give it a coating of sand, ink it, and give it some static grass to match the bases of my army.

The other thing I have been working on is a monument that I have made out of an old golf trophy I picked up in a charity shop. I've done the base - old Cd's again - and sanded it, so now I just have to paint it.


I wonder how many people are getting the same itch as me, for Dark Eldar.

Yes I know it is the flavour of the month, but there is just something really nice about the models and the rules. And the style of play appeals to me - as a sometime Wood Elf player. At which point I remind myself of why I sold the Wood Elves. In theory I like playing move and shoot armies but in reality I don't. Just as in theory I like Elves - if you don't believe me check the blog title - but in reality I don't.

And yes I do love the models, and would love to sail around the battlefield in a Raider but I just know that the flying base is going to be a) really easy to knock over, and b) really easy to break.

Plus I love my Orks, and am not even halfway through building the army I want.

But even though I am trying to talk myself out of even considering it..... something in my Orky soul hankers after being a Dark Eldar.


ps, for those that don't know the title of this post references the beautiful and emotionall charged Sarah lucas artwork - but then sophisticated person that you are, you knew that.....

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