Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tittle Tattle

Shock Horror!

Advance orders for the Dark Eldar have gone up on the GW website and the shocking news is that they are cheaper than Eldar, in fact they are cheaper than all other ranges.

Which is pretty remarkable given the quality of the models.

Whether any long term trends, or indeed economies of scale, can be read into this remains to be seen. But it certainly gives the GW haters something to stick in their pipe.

I just wanted to point something out.

Despite being generally negative, and having little or no wish to play 8th ed at present - I don't think the rules are a piece of Fekking Carp, as was reported on a certain podcast.... hi guys....

I do however like to keep an eye on what is happening in 8th edition.

So I was interested to see this post on the Plastic Legions blog with regard to the Core Competancy tournament in the US of A. It would appear that attendance was half of what it was last year. Plastic Legions speculates about possible reasons for this falling away of attenance. But I do find it rather ironic that a tournament which sought to mitigate the worse excesses of 7th, and was in a sense the trailblazer for some of the changes in 8th, should catch the fall out of the backlash - if such a thing exists - from 8th ed.

Of course it might just be a blip. But so far there has been this tournament that saw numbers halve and the Newcastle tournament that allegedly saw the leading lights of the Austrailian tournament scene walk out. Which will no doubt result in people saying that it is too early to make assumptions.

Still for those disillutioned by WFB can always console themselves by picking up the relatively cut-price Dark Eldar. Which should keep them going for a while - well maybe at least until 6th ed. Because worryingly people are talking about design elements of WFB being incorporated into 40K.

If this is things like random charge distances, then there's not too much to worry about. But if it's the 40k equivilent of the magic phase and the closed composition imposed by the rules then maybe people should really start to worry.

Don't worry, by then I mzy have got around to writing the Great Game, my skirmish rules for the Indian Mutiny and the North West Frontier.


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