Saturday, 16 March 2013

Imperial Ambitions

The first unit of the 53rd is done...

It certainly an odd time for GW.

In the ongoing legal battle between GW and Chapterhouse, the designer at Mantic Games has been giving evidence about how he designed Space Marines and associated products - presumably as part of Chapterhouse's bogative defence.

And then there is this odd quote from Rick Priestly in an interview with the Realm of Chaos blog.

" The modern studio isn’t a studio in the same way; it isn’t a collection of artists and creatives sharing ideas and driving each other on. It’s become the promotions department of a toy company – things move on!"

Ok, this is old news, the interview being a month old, but I have noticed that it has been taken up by the hate brigade.

Now forgive for pointing out the obvious that the reason the rules for Warhammer and 40k were written was to promote toys at a toy company. And the reason that collection of artists and creatives were sharing ideas was to push toys at a toy company. And since Rick Priestly joined/set up Warlord Games to produce rule books was to push toys for a toy company. And the reason the Gates of Antares Kickstarter failed was because there were no toys to push and people don't tend to by artistic and creative ideas - though one has to admire Mr Priestly's testicular fortitude for attempting to be the Damian Hurst of wargaming.

Still, for those who want to go off one about GW never let common sense get in the way of rant.

In which case it is lucky the 53rd are on hand, as the hate brigade remind me of American 'patriots'. They appear happy to blather about tyranny and taxation, but appear completely unaware of the company being put together by the 'Founding Fathers'...



  1. ...In relation to your query on my blog. The adverse reaction was the 'tournament play' clique at the club getting very angry about me criticising the culture of tournament only play of GW games at the club. Fair enough it wasn't a good reflection of the club, but then my blog isn't an organ of the society so I felt entitled to an opinion. However, as they don't like being criticised (as they think they are the only gamers who are 'cool' I guess) they immediately devolved to personal attacks and bullying. Read from that what you will, but I've made my conclusions about them.

    1. It's a shame that you felt the need to edit your blog.

      Particularly as you have done as much as anyone for the club, and certainly more than those who are your critics.