Monday, 4 March 2013

Stop, Oh Wait, Just A Minute....

Clearly 18th century baroque is leaching into the 41st century...

As I wait for the Muskets and Tomahawks rule book to arrive my window shopping for figures continues.  Though I have decided to not actually place an order until I have the rue book in my hot little hands for two reasons.

The first is that I want to check on the basing, and specifically how basing deals with regular irregular troops. The other reason is I want to see how important Indians are in game terms.

This latter reason is perhaps the more important because it will factor into which campaign I will focus on.

I am currently leaning towards the southern campaigns in Georgia and the Carolinas, but only slightly behind is the conflicts around the Great Lakes. Obviously the latter would mean that Indians play a larger role int he game, and perhaps plays more into the spirit of the rules which were designed for the French Indian wars. Not to mention that it offers possibilities for naval battles.

But until the postman arrives there is little more I can do than press my nose against the virtual shop window, and read history...


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