Sunday, 31 March 2013

Heroes and Villans

The work continues on the house....

American riflemen are inspecting the building work having chased off yesterday's Indians.

I have been reading Redcoats and Rebels by Hugh Bicheno.

It is a highly amusing read, particularly if you buy into the romantic Walter Scottesque version of the events presented as American History. The book has a supposedly parallel TV series, presented by Richard Holmes - which according to utube presents the British version of events. The series is interesting but Holmes is less pithy and certainly less caustic than Bicheno. And the view he offers is a perfect example of how television dumbs down subjects.

As for whether he offers a British view? Well let's just say he doesn't indulge in American jingosim and the hero worship of the myth of the Founding Fathers.

I mean who knew that while the Continental army was on the point of mutiny over not being paid or fed, that Franklin was skimming the 'aid' being sent by the French?

Though perhaps my favourite example of jingosism is this piece by Kassidy Emerson relating to the Female Hero of the American Revolution, Jane McCrea. Oh the irony of a loyalist woman, being killed by loyalist Indians, as she is travelling to be with her loyalist officer fiance - no doubt because of the harassment she would have suffered from rebels - being seen as a heroine of the Revolution. Especially as her death was used as propaganda against the Indians and would be used as a justification for the genocidal wars of the next century, and political correctness of renaming them native Americans.

And it is this war that intrigues me, and will be the focus for the forces I am building. Initially focusing on the Saratoa campaign, but expanding them to cover the New York State guerrilla wars that continued long after the main war had been brought to a conclusion.


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