Thursday, 7 March 2013

Staring Though the Letterbox

More highlighting on the Hellbrute...

I finally gave into temptation, and cast aside procrastination, by placing an order for the AWI figures. The figures I choose are a mixture of Peter Pig and Blue Moon. I know I said I would wait for the rules, but....

The problem I kept running into when trying to find 25mm figures was I didn't like the posing of the American figures. Which is perhaps a shallow reason.

However the more I thought about it the more sense it made to go for the smaller scale, especially as the figure ranges offered the aesthetic I was looking for. It also addresses a bugbear of mine with regard to ground scale; as impressive as 25mm figures undoubtedly are on a standard 6 by 4 table they do produce absurdities within the game - particularly in terms of weapon ranges - and as I am looking for a game that can be played on a smaller table, the switch to the smaller scale makes even more sense.

As part of my research into the period, I have been listening to a series of lectures on Utube by Professor Freeman at Yale university. The lectures are interesting, and Ms Freeman entertaining (if you can get past her laugh ;)) but I do find it wearisome that she does not see the irony of her pushing of memes, such as arrogant British etc, that are largely 19th century American nationalist myth making.

But then it would be unfair to single the professor out for criticism, as the pushing of these memes is something I have come across frequently when researching various aspects of the conflict - though curiously this jingoism is not something that appears in blogs and websites by people wargaming the conflict.

Clearly wargamers are too intelligent to fall for mythtory.


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