Saturday, 9 March 2013

Did You Ever Notice

The highlighting is done on the Spanish General...

Just waiting for the varnish to dry before doing the base.

I found myself wondering in recent weeks why this blog was getting traffic relating to my coverage of Battlefoam's bogus legal case against Outrider Hobbies some years ago,

For those with short memories, Battlefoam took Outrider to court claiming that Outrider had breached 'pending patents', among other things, and may have tried to prove their case by getting a 'friend', Jim Kavourias, to perjure himself.

A quick reminder of the judge's comments with regard to this matter...

"It is, of course, possible that the fifth round pick of the Florida Marlins in the 2000 draft is both a fan of Diablo bats and a collector in the war gaming miniature market who is familiar with Battle Foam’s products. It is also possible that the baseball player who provided the testimonial for Diablo bats and the confused customer who contacted Battle Foam simply share the same name. A third possibility is decidedly less savory and, hopefully, is not the case here."

Thus I was interested to hear Craig on the recent issue of D6 Generation using his Did You Ever Notice segment to accuse those who disapprove of Romeo's business practices of being 'Hammerheads' among other things.

Apparently, "two or three people" have been saying nasty things about Mr Filip, and have gone so far as to give a dollar to the Kickstarter, in which Mr Gallant and Mr Filip are business partners, to continue this 'campaign'. Which leads me to surmise that the recent spike in traffic relates to these activities.

As a long time listener of the D6 Generation, I wish Craig well with his writing. And as Battlefoam sponsors the show, Romeo has been a guest host, and is apparently a personal friend of Craig's - and they are now engaged in this Kickstarter joint enterprise - I fully expect him to ignore, and ridicule the dislike many people have for Mr Filip.

But let's face it, Mr Filip is no shrinking violet when it comes to trolling the internet, and has a long record of engaging in precisely the kind of activity that Mr Gallant ascribes to 'Hammerheads' - sarky comments about 'cardboard boxes', the flame wars against Outrider, spats with Sabol, not to mention the odd ding dong with disgruntled customers; are all examples that spring to mind.

What makes Craig choosing to use his 'no hate' platform, and his normally sane and sober Did You Ever Notice segment to attack these people on behalf of his friend, is that the Kickstarter has reached it's goal - which is a feat in itself for a game in an odd scale, that is best described as a niche - so I really don't see his problem.

Unless he is attempting to call for civilised and rational discussion on the interwebz.

In which case I would refer him to King Canute.


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