Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Long Pockets, Short Arms

The Hellbrute proceeds slowly...

Everything was going swimmingly until I got a little heavy handed with the varnish I used to protect what I had already done - which in turn reactivated some of the ink that hadn't properly set - which means that I can't do much until the new layer of varnish dries and I can start working on the armour.

Still I am rather pleased with the metal medium, it really makes the colour pop.

My window shopping for American War of Independence, has led to a problem. Namely that there are some really nice 15mm figures out there. I am very tempted... very tempted... particularly by the Peter Pig and Blue Moon miniatures.

While I was window shopping, I happened across a discussion - (actually I was looking for pictures of the Bill Gaskin's fantastic AWI collection) - on TMP regarding Wargames Illustrated.

What interested me - quite apart from the commissioning policy for articles that pretty much explains why the magazine is devoid of content - was the questions it raised with regard to Rick Priestly.

I realise that he is a 'big name' in the 'wargame industry' but the critics do have a point... let's just say I stopped buying the Sunday Times when they replaced an eclectic, informative, trivia column with Tara Palmer Tompkinson's diary. I also find myself in agreement with those wondering about the wisdom of battle reports and discussion of rules mechanics, particularly when it is so obviously done at the expense of historical content.

I do still have a look at WI, and WSS, (my local branch doesn't carry MW) if I happen to be in Smiths, but they rarely (very rarely) tempt me to part with actual cash.


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