Saturday, 2 March 2013

Drums and Smoke Signals Beckon

And so the pirates are done....

Back in the dim and distant past, when I started wargaming, the period I choose was the American War of Independence (or American Revolution, if you prefer). However like most wargaming projects this plan did not survive contact with the enemy, as my opponent wanted to do the Seven Years War, so my British force ended up more European in compostion, and my 15mm Minifigs Howe's Light Infantry found themselves deployed out of theatre.

However over the years my interest in the conflict has remained, and several abortive attempts have been made to restart projects.

News that the Perry's are going to release plastic British infantry, combined with Muskets and Tomahawks, has made my wargaming OCD kick into high gear. Add to this the incredibly low buy in price - the Perry box will make about a 400 point list - or put it another way, a 200 point list, and regiment for Black Powder.

Thus I have been pricing up various combinations of militia and Indians.

It does seem odd to be thinking about a game in which the terrain costs twice as much as the figures.


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