Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Planning for Tomorrow

I've been experimenting with metal medium for the highlighting...

The Perry's have announced their plastic AWI Infantry is now up for pre-order... WoooOOOOOooot.... well sort of.

I really like the posing of the figures, which break out of the standard marching/shooting paradigm. The problem is that the American figures, across a number of manufacturers, are either marching or shooting. Which on the face of it is rather absurd to have the disciplined Redcoats in a mixture of poses and American militia units marching around like Prussian grenadiers.

One solution is just to paint the new figures as Americans, I guess.

Another is to accept that actually this is really rather historical.

Though in terms of a skirmish game is perhaps less than useful.

Still it does give me something to look forward to when they hit the shelves of the local shop that carries Perry figures. I did consider pre-ordering a box or two, but I think in the long run it is better to support the local shop, so that they will continue to stock wargame figures.


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