Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nerd Rage and Warpaint

The painting has slowed down somewhat...

Elsewhere tThe interwebz has gone mad again... which can only mean that GW has released a new codex or army book (but then the interwebz goes mad these days at everything GW does).

Apparently the new Daemons are too random - it is terrible that the forces of chaos should be chaotic - and therefore it is problematic for tournament gamers/interwebz experts/serious players/whiners/or whoever.

What amuses me about those complaining is that they haven't actually noticed that GW doesn't want them to play the company's games, and they are attempting to drive them out of the 'hobby'. Anyone, who lived through the rage quitting surrounding 8th, knows that the game, and the culture, was infinitely improved by the exodus to Warmahordes.

And the company is attempting to pull off the same trick with 6th ed.

It remains to be seen how long it takes before the complainers get the message and move on.

Speaking of moving on, I ordered the Muskets and Tomahawks rulebook today.

Thus, I have spent a few hours looking at the various ranges of figures for the American War of Independence/Revolution. Ok, I know I said I would wait for the new Perry plastics - and I know I said I would finish my outstanding projects before starting anything new - but I really like the Hessian Jager command group on the Perry website, and I am sure I can find a use for the gallows by Battleflag and, as much as I am snooty about the sculpts by Redoubt, I do like their Indian villagers.

 I might even dig out the outstanding Spanish militia I have floating around to scratch the historical painting itch I have at present..... oh I know they are not Hessians.... ummmm gold mitres *drool*....


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